Video Interviewing

Our next generation Video Interviewing platform allows you to view and screen candidates more quickly, improve candidate experience and reduce overall recruitment costs.

Shine is video interviewing software made easy.

Built in the cloud, with your recruitment process at the heart of it.

It saves you time, money and process.

We know how busy hiring managers are, so we’ve made it super user friendly. It’s so intuitive, you can literally set up questions, review interviewees on the go and from any device!

Candidates love it too as they can use their phone, tablet or PC to answer questions – to coin a phrase – any time, any place!

A few of our wonderful clients

We work with clients in over 80 countries and many different languages. Here’s a few:

How does Shine work?


Set Your Questions

As a hiring manager or recruitment agency, you simply set a series of short, snappy questions.

It’s a fantastic way to promote your company as a forward thinking, innovative employer, with company videos and branding.


Video Interviews

Your candidates are then invited to visit Shine and download the free App onto any mobile or tablet, or they can visit via their laptop/PC with a webcam.

No scheduling is required, candidates simply login at a time to suit them. All your candidates need to do is turn it on and Shine!



Shortlisting couldn’t be easier – we have an easy to use drag and drop system in place.

You review and rate responses and leave comments for the rest of your team to view. You’re then left with a nice visual shortlist to invite to meet in person!

Who is Shine for?


Hiring Managers

No juggling diaries for teams to shortlist candidates, simply share interview videos with colleagues for them to view in their own time…


Recruitment Agencies

Stand out from the competition by sending short snappy video interviews to your clients to make your candidates Shine over others…



Shine for your new role through the power of video. Use your phone, tablet or laptop in the comfort of your own home…

Just some of the business types



Video Interviewing software is perfect for volume graduate campaigns



Contact Centres

Video Interviewing Software is perfect for contact centre recruitment because it takes much of the lengthy processes away.




Using video interviewing software to free up your hiring time means that you can get to fill your roles faster and smarter.


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