Shine Futures

Forward thinking schools, colleges and universities are using Shine Futures to provide mock interviews with personalised feedback, close the skills gap and help with progression.

Why students will benefit


Video Interviewing is being used by over 60% of recruiters, and whilst it lends itself naturally to graduate and apprenticeship schemes, is used for roles at all levels and in a wide variety of sectors. Interview coaching has been part of careers advice for decades, but it is now possible to make this more effective by using video to provide insights and highlighting how an applicant is perceived by an interviewer.

How is it being used?

Coach students on interview techniques, providing feedback and continuous improvement

Help to place apprenticeship and placement students with employers

Coaching for UCAS admission

How it works

1) Select & Assign

Select from a library of common interview questions and roles, or create your own

2) Practice makes Perfect

Assign to a student to complete in their own time

3) Review & Feedback

Review and provide detailed feedback as part of a progression plan

Good Career Guidance

The Gatsby benchmarks are an eight-point framework for good career guidance, reflecting international best practice. Developed as part of Sir John Holman’s study, and piloted in North East England, schools must meet all eight benchmarks by the end of 2020. Shine Futures facilitates schools in meeting the benchmarks and streamlines the process for busy careers leaders.

I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered a piece of software with more potential to benefit students than Shine. Its use as a tool for mock interviews alone makes it indispensable – I can honestly say that I would never have tried a mock interview in person were it not for my use of Shine to first practice the necessary techniques.

I really cannot commend Shine highly enough and look forward to its use becoming more widespread in the centre.

Student, Durham Sixth Form Centre

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