Are you challenged with high volume contact centre recruitment?

Does your contact centre have a great employer brand within your region or do you need invest more time and energy into hiring the right people for your roles?

Video Interviewing Software is perfect for contact centre recruitment mostly because it takes much of the lengthy – and let’s face it – tiresome processes away.

If you’re involved with contact centre recruitment, you’ll know that it’s often a matter of seeing hundreds of candidates to fill tens of roles.  Or thousands to fill hundreds of roles – depending on your volume of course.

You’ll also know what it’s like to turn up to an assessment centre ready to interview and test candidates only to feel let down on the day.  One of our latest blogs goes into more detail on this.

Video interviewing software changes all of this.

One of our mantras at Shine is that we’re #changingtheface of recruitment and once you’ve used the software you’ll understand why..

 Contact centre and high volume recruitment is improved by

  • using your own video to act as a welcome message (not mandatory)
  • preselecting questions for different role types
  • enabling candidates to upload their own video answers on any device – computer, laptop, phone, tablet – as long as it has a video camera
  • allowing you, the recruiter, to sift through applications from your chosen device
  • Enables you to score/rate applicants and share with your colleagues or clients for their opinion and rating too

How to roll out video interviewing within a contact centre

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Video based recruitment can only improve attrition rate.  If teamed with good questions, great introductory videos and a smooth process (which of course Shine guarantees) candidates that go through the process with you via video are often more committed and bought into your company and its values.

Video interviewing also means that whilst an individual might not be ideal for a particular recruitment drive that your own team is having, you can also keep their interview ‘on file’, meaning other recruiters for divisions within your business could pick them up in the future.

So, is video interviewing ideal for contact centres? Our growing number of contact centres think so and we think you’ll love it too…Please get in touch to request your online demo today!

We’re #changingtheface and we’d love for you to understand why.