Recent research shows that employers can expect a return of between 500% and 800% when they hire new graduates, however with an overwhelming number of students graduating each year, selecting the right graduates for your business almost becomes trickier, not easier! Video Interview Software can help save the time it takes to conduct initial phone interviews or first stage recruitment days.

It’s well worth investing in a solid graduate recruitment campaign.  Graduates have many desired skills and attributes including:


  • Problem-solving
  • A fresh take on technology and process
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation
  • High energy, engaged and a keen attitude
Shine’s Video Interview Software enables you to recruit the best graduates for your business and allows;


  • you to easily sift and select graduates ready for next stage interview
  • your candidates to carry out interviews from their mobile devices on either iOS or Android, allowing ease of access for both employer and candidate
  • time and money to be saved including travel costs for the candidate, meaning you’re more likely to attract a wider pool of initial applicants
  • the ability to vet candidates and view reactions to questions, creating a more rounded view

Shine Video Interview Software is an innovative professional alternative for recruiters, saving you precious time and money. Our software is totally cloud based too, with no clunky downloads and best of all, it’s available across all devices.

Hire Innovation. Hire Graduates. Let them Shine within your business!