Manufacturing recruitment often means hiring talent from all around the world – usually within short timescales.  Relying on phone or Skype and various time zones isn’t for the faint hearted!


Anyone that has been involved with recruitment, within a manufacturing environment, will know just how much of a challenge it can be. Manufacturing recruiters are often struggling in the war for talent – not enough qualified candidates – too many roles.

Make your role the desirable one

Often within manufacturing, it’s all about standing out as the employer of choice. Video interviewing helps with this through making your employer brand ‘shine’.

Ideal for manufacturing recruitment as it:

• Means you no longer have to rely on trying to pin down candidates for telephone screening, or unreliable Skype calls

• Allows you to gather video interviews and share them with your hiring team from around the globe

• Provides you with a bank of pre-screened and job-ready candidates for your next recruitment drive

• Enables your candidates to carry out their interviews from their iOS or Android devices – anytime, anywhere

Save up to 70% of your manufacturing recruitment time through introducing video interviewing into your manufacturing environment today.

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