If you’re an RPO Provider and need to have the scalability to meet your clients’ desires to save time, money and increase quality of candidates, then video interviewing is the obvious choice.

Video Interviewing for RPO

• Helps you to remain agile and responsive to clients’ needs

• Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, your applicant tracking software and any other tools you use

• Is cloud-based so that you and your client can access candidate videos anytime, anywhere

• Promotes your clients’ employer brand – therefore attracting the most premium candidates on the market

• Reduces time and wastage from assessment centres

• Reduces time further by eliminating first round telephone screening, should you wish

• Positions you as innovative and ahead of your competition

Any RPO provider worth their weight in gold will have the power to ramp up at a moment’s notice for your clients’ intakes. Imagine the ease of having a library or ‘bank’ of job ready candidates, all sifted and ready to go.


Right person, right role at the right time

We know how unpredictable recruitment can sometimes be. Video interviewing gives you an ideal safety net to make sure you can get the right person into the right role at the right time.


Head and shoulders above your competition

Using Shine Video Interviewing will put you head and shoulders above other RPO Providers. It will position your offer as highly innovative – and if you think that clients aren’t ready for it yet – keep in mind that six out of ten businesses in the US market have integrated video interviewing into their recruitment process.

Isn’t it time that you started to Shine and establish your offer as truly market-leading?

Your clients will love it too!  Highly intuitive, simple to sift and share with team members.  Make your RPO Shine today – by requesting your FREE TRIAL today

We’re #changingtheface and we’d love for you to understand why.