If you’re an agency and need to have the scalability to meet your client’ desires to save time, money, and increase quality of candidates…

then video interviewing is the obvious choice!

Reed are the UK’s largest and most recognisable recruitment brand, working with over 90% of FTSE 100 companies.

With a database of more than 12 million candidates, Reed use Shine across their different divisions to bring them to life for their clients, across RPO and specialist roles.

“Reed Specialist Recruitment, and in particular my Division Reed Education, have been working with Shine now since early 2017. It was apparent from the first demonstration of the platform and system that the product was high quality and very user friendly. Not only that, Shine have been above and beyond in accommodating our bespoke requirements and the service and support has been second to none. Needless to say we have seen outstanding results from our partnership with Shine for our business and our clients and candidates”

Gavin Beart, Senior Divisional Director, Reed


Agile and Responsive

With video interviewing, you can remain more agile and responsive to your clients needs than ever before – without adding more time to the process.

Integrate Seamlessly

Shine is designed to easily integrate with hundreds of other applications out of the box, whether that’s your CRM, ATS, or any other tools you use.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our platform is cloud based so you and your client can access candidate videos at any time, and from any device!

Employer Branding

With white-labelling features on the Shine platform, you can promote your client’s employer brand – therefore attracting the most premium candidates on the market.

Reduce Time-to-Hire

Using video interviewing allows you to reduce the number of first-stage interviews by showcasing candidates to your clients at the beginning of the process, or by removing telephone interviews.

Be Innovative

Using the Shine platform gives you an edge over your competition – show yourself as innovative and ahead of the rest by improving the service you offer!

Head and shoulders above your competition

Any agency provider worth their weight in gold will have the power to ramp up at a moment’s notice for your clients’ intakes. Imagine the ease of having a library or ‘bank’ of job ready candidates, all sifted and ready to go.

Using Shine Video Interviewing will put you head and shoulders above other RPO Providers. It will position your offer as highly innovative – and if you think that clients aren’t ready for it yet – keep in mind that six out of ten businesses in the US market have integrated video interviewing into their recruitment process.

By using one-way video interviewing and live video interviewing, isn’t it time that your started to Shine and establish your offer as truly market leading?

Your clients will love it too!  Highly intuitive, simple to sift and share with team members.  Make your agency Shine today.