Call it leisure and tourism, call it seasonal recruitment, basically we’re talking anything that involves public facing and customer facing staff – the type of recruitment programmes where video interviewing really can Shine!

With more than 6000 seasonal and established employees, Parkdean Resorts is the largest holiday park operator in the UK, and boasts 72 award winning parks from Scotland to the South Coast, and Norfolk to Cornwall.


They are recruiting for a variety of roles, from head office and business support through to park managers, sales advisors and seasonal entertainers – and everything in between.

This type of seasonal recruitment, similar to contact centre recruitment, can often lead to peaks and troughs and many, many cycles.
For those of you responsible for this kind of task, we know you’re often dealing with incredibly tight deadlines and multiple stakeholders.
We also know you’re regularly dealing with hiring teams all around the country, all responsible for getting the right person into the right role – at the right time.

Video interviewing software makes it so much easier

Not only can you send out the link for candidates and potential candidates to record and send in their interviews, but you can share responses with your colleagues, wherever they are.

They can also sift, score at the touch of a button and share their findings and thoughts with you.

Video Interviewing Software is great for when you have a centralised recruitment location, yet recruitment drives going on all around the country.

Think holiday parks for example. You may get a central office coordinating the sifts, the interviews, various park managers around the country hosting interviews and assessment days – yet all of this can be done so much easier through video interviewing.

Still centralised but shared online with whatever regions you need to. Your initial screening interview however isn’t done face to face but via any device with a video camera – saving you time, travel and ultimately expense.

So, is video interviewing ideal for Travel and Tourism? Our growing number of clients in the sector think so and we think you’ll love it too…Please get in touch to request your online demo today!

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