We’re excited about 2016 – not only is it the year that our Platform will burst into the market but we know it’s a great time to be in recruitment – of any kind.

Recruitment is getting more sophisticated and creative – not only with bright internal recruiters creating a fantastic brand for potential employees – take for example SaleCycle’s fantastic recruitment voice #lovewhatyoudo.  Also, recruitment agencies are also starting to embrace new technologies, smarter ways of working and helping companies with their employer branding.

As we’re so excited about the year ahead, we thought we’d kick off by thinking about recruitment trends in 2016 and chat to a few experts.

Employer Branding

Employer branding has never gone away and now it seems that everyone is embracing the term and realising its importance in getting the right hire in place.  Employer branding is not just about making you ‘look good’ as a potential employer by listing your packages and benefits, it’s also about getting your existing people involved.

Employer branding should also be about getting your own people to become internal brand ambassadors even to the point of getting their help and input into writing job descriptions.

One example of this is at Google HQ.  They ask a cross-mix of employees to add input into getting the right kind of phrases and wording into their job descriptions, to ensure they achieve a diverse balance.

Employer Branding is not only about helping to attract the right kind of candidate but also helps with retention.  There’s evidence that by ensuring candidates get the full picture and brand experience of a company before joining, then they’re more likely to be invested and stay.  It means there shouldn’t be any cultural surprises upon joining!

Video’s Place in Employer Branding

There’s been an upsurge in global brands using video within their recruitment and attraction messages but what you might not realise is that video interviewing platforms such as Shine can help with this.

Not only is the tool used for candidates to send video interview answers through, clients can also lead with video messages about the roles or company culture.  It’s a great chance to give employees further insight into your company before sending in their own video interview answers!

Video Interviewing

This leads us nicely into video interviewing – I guess it’s no surprise we have it at the top of our charts for recruitment trends!  There seems to be a more global awareness of it now and, from recent conversations, it seems that companies with internal hiring managers are very much planning it into their recruitment budgets and recruitment drives.

The smart way to think about it is by not adding it in as a direct cost, but by measuring the value it saves a company in terms of helping out with first round telephone screening, admin time of wading through paper CVs – particularly around contact centre recruitment or graduate recruitment.  The very fact that a hiring manager can watch short effective video answers, sift and shortlist and share amongst colleagues, is proven to shave off considerable recruitment time.

Employee Referrals

We’re moving towards a time where the power of social media is key to any recruitment drive, from high level executive recruitment drives via linkedin, through to all and any kind of recruitment drives via facebook.

The power of this can accelerate when ‘friends’ and ‘contacts’ share roles of where they work themselves.

Surely a true friend wouldn’t recommend a role in a company they hated working at!  In fact referred employees often have a higher retention rate, so it all makes perfect sense.

Consider pushing out a link for video applications via your staff – talk about the power of social recruitment!

What they’re saying…

We asked some friends of Shine to let us know what they predict the recruitment trends they’ll see more of in 2016…Here’s what they said:

Gemma Lonsdale, Willow Hudson – The Sales and Marketing Recruitment Specialists:  “2016 will see the use of video increase across both recruitment consultancies and the employers themselves. The use of video in “work for us” sections of websites is going to increase significantly in 2016 – especially being used in employer branding and as part of candidate attraction.

Job seekers using social media to find jobs is also going to continue to increase in 2016. More and more candidates are going to take to social media when it comes to finding their new role and many will report that the source of their new role was twitter or similar.

Hayley Ramm, Supportiv, Recruitment Support Services

“I carried out recruitment research in November 2015.  I found that most predictions highlighted trends around the attraction and the assessment stages.

With regards to the attraction of applicants, the feeling was that employers need to engage candidates at a very early stage in 2016, so that the recruiting company is seen as an immediate employer of choice.  Retention schemes are a must as part of this engagement technique, ideally creating bespoke benefits packages wherever possible to really entice the quality employees of the future.

As for the assessment of applicants, a strong message was that video applications will trend next year.  It’s an exciting way to further introduce technology into the recruitment system as the video technique can increase speed, flexibility and selection options for both client and candidate.  To support this it is clear that recruitment activities need to be ever more proactive with the introduction of such technology supported by a clearly defined recruitment tool kit reflective of the vacancy available at that time.”