Values Based Recruitment

Our Values Based Recruitment tool allows you to align values, goals and behaviours of an individual to your internal teams.

Organisations where employees actually fit and have shared values are 6 times more profitable

You cannot “set” organisational values, you can only discover them. Nor can you “install” new core values into people. Core values are not something people “buy in” to. People must be predisposed to holding them. Executives often ask me, “How do we get people to share our core values?” You don’t. Instead, the task is to find people who are already predisposed to sharing your core values. You must attract and then retain these people and let those who aren’t predisposed to sharing your core values go elsewhere.

                                                 Jim Collins (Good to Great)

Benefits of Values Based Recruitment

Organisations including the NHS and Nissan are using Values Based Recruitment to reduce staff turnover, boost morale with a more positive working environment and save on overall recruitment costs.

Reduce employee turnover

Current employment turnover is between 16-18% annually depending on the industry.

As much as 80% of this employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

Additionally, half of all new hires fail in 18 months and 89% of these failures have nothing to do with skills and abilities

Faster hiring, better candidates

Select only the right candidates to take forward to the next stage - for example video interview or assessment centre, reducing wasted effort on unsuitable candidates.

Employees are happier and more productive when working in an organisation that shares their personal needs, values and motivations.

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Improve morale and engagement

95% of managers believe poor hiring decision impacts the morale of the team. The impact is amplified when a “bad hire” is at a senior level.

Gallup survey found 17% of all workers are disengaged and these employees aren’t just unhappy at work; they’re busy acting out their unhappiness. These employees undermine what their engaged colleagues accomplish.

Culture Transformation

Benchmarking existing teams allows us to create a detailed culture profile of your organisation.

As part of a consultative exercise with a behavioural psychologist, we can help to identify challenges within your company - for example performance, or staff turnover and pinpoint process and organisational changes, to make best use of your current teams.

Combining this with the recruitment process and performance reviews, we are able to facilitate culture transformation exercises backed up by the findings from the values exercise.

How does it work?

Individuals hold 36 core values which when aligned (either positively or negatively) between a candidate and a team or organisation will act as an objective method of identifying cultural fit. This covers everything from attention to detail, attitude to risk, working with teams and other motivators.


Benchmark existing team

Identify organisational teams, and everyone completes a 15 minute values exercise to create a benchmark report


Candidates complete exercise

Candidates complete the same 15 minute exercise in their own time on any web enabled device, which generates a unique profile


Analyse values fit

We use machine learning to analyse how well a candidate is likely to fit your organisation and make recommendations on next steps

We are not looking for ‘similar people to us’, with the same background or experience, as this can introduce bias. However, candidates who share a values alignment will allow for greater success in the recruitment and retention of new employees.