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Minding the Gender Pay Gap

More than ten thousand UK firms have recently been required to share information on their gender pay gap, and the results are eye opening if not surprising. Organisations with more […]

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Scheduling Interviews… Made Easy

At Shine, we often hear the pains, moans and groans when recruiters are arranging assessment days or interview slots. They are given a set number or slots across multiple days […]

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Getting buy-in from your Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers are at the heart of all of your recruitment drives, but are you still having trouble getting final sign off on candidates from them? Candidates that you have […]

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Preparing Graduates for Work

65% of children entering primary school will be employed into jobs that don’t exist yet. The job market is changing all of the time, and students need to take personal […]

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Supporting learning conditions during an interview

How aware are you of the different learning conditions? Do you know how to support people with learning difficulties through an interview?When it comes to interviews, it is important to […]

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GDPR checklist for recruiters

As part of our on-going series of breakfast forum events that we host for in house recruiters in the North East (UK), Muckle LLP led us through the upcoming GDPR regulations, […]

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Want a Long Term Relationship? Hire for Values Fit

Would you make a long term commitment to a future romantic partner you had only read about on paper? How about if you were allowed 30 minutes with them in […]

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Hiring for Values Fit

A recruiter’s work doesn’t end there With an obvious skills gap in the labour market, it’s easy to focus on attracting the right talent as the key to successful recruitment. […]

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What all recruiters need to know about GDPR

Have you heard about GDPR? Did you know it came into effect on 25th May 2018 and it will impact everybody working in recruitment? GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation […]

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A Recruiter’s Utopia

  Time; you want, need more of it. Time is money; your company wants and needs more of that too. So how do you, as recruitment professionals, balance the often […]

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Be Brave with Bias

Bias has existed in recruitment for as long as recruitment has existed. Thankfully over recent decades, this has reduced dramatically and the introduction of protective legislation ensures the most obvious […]

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How to Get Management Buy-In for Video Interviewing Software

As a recruitment manager, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the world of recruitment technology, you’ll often be ‘bought in’ way before your Board of […]

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USA Expansion

We are delighted to announce our entry into the US market via a partnership with SCOUT SOLUTONS GROUP. Following a period of rapid growth, which includes working with some of the […]

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