Here we’ll discuss Shine as an alternative video interview provider to Launchpad, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Launchpad Recruits are a video interviewing software provider based in London, who launched in 2011. They’ve made a lot of noise about monitoring and preventing unconscious bias, and also offer situational judgement tests and other assessments – so here we’ll take a look at how Launchpad compare to Shine.

Launchpad’s products

Launchpad offer on demand video interviewing as the main function of their platform, which they refer to as their ‘Advanced Recruitment Automation Platform’. Their video interviewing platform provides similar functionality to the one we offer here at Shine. This includes the features such as branding, video sharing, ATS integrations and interview scheduling.

Beyond all the buzzwords, they like to talk about unconscious bias and machine learning. But at its core, Launchpad is a video interviewing platform. Their website is a little bit light on detail about how their artificial intelligence and machine learning works, but it states they offer predictive hiring which combines machine learning and human decision-making to highlight the top performers so that recruiters can dive straight in to the most promising candidates.

Predictive Hiring

AI, though, learns from what hiring managers choose to feed it. So, what it is picking up is based on human judgement, and does it really eliminate bias completely?

At Shine, we prefer predictive hiring in the form of values-based recruitment. Using our VBR alongside video interviewing allows you to see who will fit in the best with your existing team based on a values alignment between the candidate and your employees. After all, an employee is much more likely to stay in a role when they work for an organisation that shares their personal needs, values, and motivations.

We are looking into offering AI within our platforms, but this isn’t something that we’ll put out there until we’re completely sure that it can predict the best hiring decisions and truly add value to our client’s recruitment processes – all for a reasonable price.

How much does Launchpad cost?

Launchpad don’t publish their pricing strategies online, but from what we’ve heard they can be quite competitive on price. We’ve also been told by some clients that have moved to use from Launchpad, however, that there are some hidden costs involved for basic features such as set up, branding, and video library features. All of these features are included in your annual subscription price here at Shine so there are no hidden costs.

We’ve also been told that Shine is one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market with an account management team to match – but we’d have to let you be the judge of that!

Do I need to install plugins to use Launchpad?

Users of the Launchpad platform require the use of Adobe Flash Player to be able to record and watch video content. Flash is a plugin that is required on web browsers that has been around for some time now – but not for much longer. It’s abundant in security risks that makes users vulnerable, so much so that Adobe have announced that it will be obsolete by 2020. Because of this, Flash is no longer enable as default on browsers so it’s likely that users will have to change their settings before accessing the video interviewing platform and open the risk of these security issues. It’s likely that Launchpad will be at a great disadvantage when Flash becomes obsolete.

Shine’s uses the most up to date technology

Shine has been built from the ground up using HTML5, so there’s no Flash Player in sight here. HTML5 supports the same multimedia elements that Flash does, but with much greater security measures and no plugins that need to be installed. This provides a much smoother candidate experience for Shine users and promotes confidence in our platform for both clients and candidates. It’s likely that most users aren’t aware of the risks that come with the use of Flash, but we’re already one step ahead so our clients don’t have to worry about a thing. When Flash does become obsolete, we’ll be one of the only platforms that won’t require any adjustments.


Contact us today to see why some Launchpad clients have chosen to switch to Shine. We’d love to hear from you!

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