Discussing Shine as an alternative to Sonru, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Sonru is a video interview provider which was founded in 2007 in Ireland, now with offices in America, Australia, France, Singapore and Dubai. With clients in a range of different industries, they’re one of the larger video interview vendors on the market. Here we’ll be looking at what we have to offer here at Shine, with both our similarities and differences to Sonru. We aim to help answer a few questions you might have when comparing video interviewing platforms.

What products do Sonru offer?

The video interviewing platform that Sonru offer has a lot of similarities to ours here at Shine. Both very mature platforms, they work asynchronously so the candidate and interviewer do not have to be online at the same time. These can be reviewed at any time on the go, from any device. Candidates also can download an app, both at Shine and Sonru, to record and submit their answers instead of using a web browser.

Both platforms offer employer branding so that all accounts are branded with the client’s logo. Since this is seen by every candidate it helps to build on employer branding and enhance the candidate experience. Each platform gives clients the ability to customise in several ways, including: the types of questions they ask, uploading company videos, read and response times for questions and how many questions will be asked. There is also a variety of options surrounding the scoring and feedback of candidates.

Shine vs Sonru

Where Shine differs to Sonru is the greater variety of products we offer. Sonru focus simply on their video interviewing platform. At Shine, we’ve developed a values-based recruitment platform which can ensure you hire the right fit for your organisation. It benchmarks the 36 core values of your existing team and uses these as the basis of analysis. Candidates will take part in an exercise which will compare their own values with your teams’ values.  The results will therefore see how well they will fit into your workplace.

We also offer assessments and an events scheduler, which makes booking events like face-to-face interviews or assessment centres easier for both the candidate and the client. Using each feature of the platform provides a smoother workflow and helps you find the best candidates early, even more so than using video interviewing on its own.

Sonru’s Candidate Experience

Both Shine and Sonru can put integration systems into place between ATS vendors, and being built on an open API, Shine offer ways of customising the process to craft a custom solution for clients. The platform that Sonru offer relies on Flash – like most other video interview vendors. This means that candidates taking a video interview must also have Flash installed on their device to be able to enable video. The problem with Flash is that it poses a lot of security risks – so much so that Adobe announced that Flash will be phased out by the end of 2020.

Shine’s Candidate Experience

Shine has been built from the ground up using HTML5, which will eventually take over where Flash left off – it supports the same multimedia elements as Flash but without the security risks. Flash is no longer enabled as a default in web browsers, so rather than candidates having to mess around with their browser settings, they have a smoother candidate experience on the Shine platform and can get straight to work recording their interview.

Shine is already one step ahead and we will not need to adapt our platform to say bye to Flash once it’s phased out completely, plus we already have the greater security measures that come with HTML5.

How much does Sonru cost?

It’s difficult to compare the two platforms based on price, because Sonru do not publish their prices online. It’s worth noting, however, that Sonru’s clients are open to extra charges for services such as training and customisation. Here at Shine, those services are included in the annual subscription price. There won’t be any hidden costs for your training, account management or to upload your branding or videos. We work with a variety of different clients of all sizes in a range of industries – all our packages are bespoke and tailored to the needs of your business, so you’ll never be paying more than you need to.

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