REED Education is a division of REED that was founded over 20 years ago and now has 35 offices across England and Wales. They work in partnership with thousands of schools and Local Authorities to find teachers their perfect roles.

REED Education

REED have been using the Shine platform since 2017, spanning across their multiple divisions and putting it to all different uses. One division of Reed which is utilising video interviewing is Reed Education.

REED Education is one of the specialist sectors of REED. One of the UK’s fastest growing education recruitment agencies, with a database of over 1,000,000 education professionals, they work with the best quality temporary and permanent staff – using their local expertise to help you fill your next position. Taking their search further afield, REED Education travelled overseas to Canada equipped with the Shine platform to conduct video interviews with newly qualified teachers, to find them placements in UK schools.

“By partnering with Shine, REED Education have been able to undertake more challenging and rewarding recruitment projects. The level of service we can deliver to our end clients would not be possible if it were not for the fantastic support Shine gives us”

David Anderson, Senior Regional Manager, REED Education

Solving the Challenges of Overseas Recruitment

David Anderson, Senior Regional Manager, REED Education

REED Education described the UK teacher shortage, which is so severe that there are simply not enough UK based teachers to fulfill all the roles required in Primary, Secondary and Special schools. Because of this, REED went further afield and choose Canada as their destination to recruit from. Why Canada? Every year Canada produces a surplus of excellent standard, newly qualified teachers who aren’t able to gain permanent teaching roles in their communities.

So how are REED using the Shine platform to achieve this?

Sourcing candidates at universities and recruitment fares, they’re asked very specific questions around their teaching capabilities and their true motivation to relocate to the UK. Getting a better idea of how each teacher will operate in the classroom than you would from a CV!

Senior leaders are able to see the passion of the Canadian teachers in their detailed answers when the video interviews are shared with schools in Bexley, allowing the applicants to stand out from the crowd.

Not only were prospective teachers completing interviews, but Head Teachers were too. Answering questions about their school and their community meant that they could easily generate interest with their candidates!

Using the Shine platform allowed the team at REED Education to stand out in their efforts, resulting in a significantly increased number of placements made.



of candidates who participated in a video interview, went on to be placed a UK school. Resulting in a…


send out to placement ratio.

Without the use of video interviews, the candidates would not have had the opportunity to showcase themselves in such a flexible way. Thanks to the Shine platform, those candidates have been able to relocate into their dream roles!