SEAO are a tribe of forward thinking talent acquisition partners with over thirty years of in-house recruitment experience across all sizes and sectors of business.

Discovering values and behaviours to find true cultural fit

SEAO Talent Partners are a recruitment business with an edge. Bringing something different to the standard model, SEAO work as an in-house team for various clients and companies, acting as an extended team to businesses and working as their brand. Their offering consists of:

  • S – Strategy: partnering to create a strategic approach to talent acquisition, helping to create processes that suit your company culture.
  • E – End to end: recruiting for all campaigns as your team. Taking on each stage of your process as your brand and your values.
  • A – Assessment centres: from booking the venue and sourcing the candidates, SEAO run your assessment centres as if they’re your internal team.
  • O – Outplacement: SEAO also work with candidates in areas like CV workshops and interview techniques, to help get them into the right roles.

So, where does Shine fit into this process? SEAO have been using Shine since they first established their brand. With a big belief in values and behaviours, they use video interviewing to showcase the personality and motivations of their candidates.

Using video interviewing allowed SEAO to drive down the costs in their recruitment process by investing in using the Shine platform. Not only that, they were able to drive down costs for their clients and offer greater efficiencies for everyone involved in the process!

It proves efficient for hiring managers, as it gives them an opportunity to screen candidates in a way that doesn’t bring them in for an initial interview to know in that first five minutes that they aren’t the best match for the role.

When SEAO have a really exceptional candidate but no suitable role for them at the time, they get that candidate to record a video interview focused around their values and behaviours. This allows them to build an exceptional talent pool, allowing them to be ready to send those interviews out when the right role comes up.

The Shine platform has allowed SEAO to work with international clients, sending video interviews to clients in different parts of the world while still offering an excellent service.

The team at SEAO find that the Shine platform is essential to building engagement – from both clients and candidates. It provides a communication platform for clients and candidates during the initial screening process, allowing candidates to find out more about the organisation, and the organisation to find out more about the candidates. Clients love it, and can get much more involved and engaged in the screening process.

In a recent graduate recruitment campaign, SEAO saw a completion rate of 80%, proving that the Shine platform engages and brings through the most committed candidates.

SEAO feel that the Shine platform allows them to think outside the box and upskills their team to think differently to traditional recruiters. In an overly saturated market, this is one of SEAO’s many extraordinary USP’s!

Shine is one of a number of reasons that SEAO offer more to their clients compared to their competitors. They’re showing hiring managers something that you can’t get from a CV, which makes them stand out above the rest.

“Shine and I have been working together for a number of years and I have used Shine internally as a business along with recommending and using Shine for my client partners.

The cost efficiencies it offers are fabulous.  It allows us to ‘meet’ candidates who are geographically spread across the globe as part of the selection process – allowing time and travel costs for the individual and the business to be saved.  It also allows for a more engaged and open process.  CVs are a thing of the past – it’s now all about the behaviours, values and cultural match which businesses want to see – and Shine represents this.”

Sam Wall, Founder and Director, SEAO Talent Partners