While tech talent is the key to success for so many organisations, technology recruitment can often feel like an up-hill battle…

but video interviewing can help you find the highest quality candidates!

tech talent
sky technology academy for tech talent

Sky Betting and Gaming are a tech company born out of Sky, employing over 1400 employees. They develop some of the countries biggest brands, including SkyBet, Soccer Saturday Super6 and SkyVegas.

Committed to developing the latest generations of tech talent, their Tech Academy up-skills recent graduates, taking a proactive approach to addressing the technical skills gap.

“Having successfully partnered with Shine on our Tech Academy Recruitment campaign last year, we are looking forward to working together again on our 2020 campaign.

Both candidates and our internal hiring managers commented on how intuitive and user friendly the platform is to use. This resulted in an 86% completion rate which meant we were able to close the applications early and ensure we filled our assessment days with the highest quality candidates.”

Georgina Scott, Technology Academy Manager, Sky Betting and Gaming

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Any Device, Any Time

Tech recruitment has to be tech friendly, right? Our cloud-based platform can be accessed from any device, at any time – providing you and your candidates ultimate flexibility

Streamline Your Screening Process

Easily sift and select candidate for the next stage interview, while still letting you see more applicants than previously possible

Get to Know Your Candidates Better

We can’t always tell whether a candidate is suitable from a CV. Vet candidates and view reactions to questions, creating a more rounded view of their knowledge and motivations

Promote Your Brand

With a fully integrated and seamless experience, company videos, and full candidate support, your employer brand has never looked better

How passionate are you about technology?

The question all recruiters need the answer to – the key to success. There’s a common misconception that video interviewing is unsuitable for tech roles, but here at Shine that’s proven very far from true.

Using video interviews in your tech recruitment campaigns means you can see the motivations of each candidate early in the screening process. You can hear them talk about their knowledge first hand, and get a greater understanding of how passionate they are about technology.

The hunt for tech talent can be a hard one – with more open roles than there are candidates. Using video interviewing allows you to position yourself as the employer of choice, while giving you the capabilities of screening a larger number of candidates in a more effective and efficient way.

Tech talent is the future for many industries. Let them Shine in your organisation!