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Video Interviewing and Pre-Hire Screening

Shine is video interviewing and pre-hire screening software made easy.

Built in the cloud, with your recruitment process

 at the heart of it.

See Shine in Action:

one-way video interviewing

One-Way Video Interviewing

Simply set up your questions and invite your candidates, allowing them to complete their interview in their own time – providing ultimate flexibility in early stage screening.

live video interviewing

Live Video Interviewing

Think Skype, but better. Video conferencing built with recruitment in mind! You can record, share, review, and score interviews later to improve collaboration in your hiring teams.

interview and event scheduler

Interview and Event Scheduler

Seamlessly move your candidates through your recruitment process by allowing them to self-schedule events based on your availability, such as interviews and assessment centres.

Reduce time-to-hire

Screen more candidates in less time! You can complete 10 video screens in the time it takes to complete 1 telephone interview. Combined with faster decision making, reduce your time-to-hire by over 70%.

Reduce costs by 50%

Video interviewing allows you to reduce the costs of interviewing, reduce time spent in first round interviews and assessment centres therefore increases productivity, as well as the savings that come with lower employee turnover.

Improve candidate experience

The employer branding opportunities with the Shine platform are endless, meaning you can craft and personalise a candidate experience that matches your brand, while providing your candidates with ultimately flexibility to showcase themselves.

Improve efficiency

When you use one-way video interviews you can review them in your own time. There are no scheduling conflicts or difficulty getting your hiring team together. Our easy scheduling tool tackles this problem for live interviews, and the recording features means your whole hiring team don’t have to be present!

You’re in good company….

We work with clients around the world in a variety of different sectors and industries. 

Georgina Scott,
Technology Academy Manager

“Having successfully partnered with Shine on our Tech Academy Recruitment campaign last year, we are looking forward to working together again on our 2020 campaign. Both candidates and our internal hiring managers comments on how intuitive and user friendly the platform is to use. This resulted in an 86% competition rate which meant we were able to close the applications early and ensure we filled our assessment days with the highest quality candidates.”

Scott Barnes,
UK Recruitment Manager

“Gestamp decided to implement the Shine Video Interviewing platform to conduct interviews in the UK and worldwide, recruiting for a wide variety of roles and the interviews are completed on a PC or through a mobile app at a time that suits the candidate. During the time we have worked with Shine, we have conducted hundreds of video interviews, and made many job offers to candidates who did well at the video interview stage. Our Hiring Managers in particular love the video interviewing concept as it saves them so much time. It’s also a great experience for the candidate as they don’t have to take time off work twice, travel twice, or incur expenses twice. It’s a great system all round that we have embraced with great enthusiasm.”

Melissa Parlour,
Senior Recruitment Advisor

“Using Shine has really helped to reduce the time we spend on reviewing CVs and candidate screening calls. Our Hiring Managers really benefit from hearing the candidates describe their experience and desire to work for Matalan first-hand and we’ve also found that attendance at assessment centres has increased, as candidates are more engaged and invested in the role once they’ve completed a video interview for us.”

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