Tools to keep my agency competitive during Covid

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Tools to keep my agency competitive during Covid

With the current pandemic making more and more recruiters turn to the likes of Zoom, TEAMS and other generic video conferencing platforms, how do you stand out from the rest of your competition if you use these platforms as well?

Right now it is a client driven market so standing out from the rest of your competition to win recruitment projects has never been so important. Yes, we’re all doing our meetings over video and for those that are recruiting, you need to do it virtually. If you aren’t using video to push out your candidates now, you’re really missing a trick. And if you aren’t using something a bit more specialised than Zoom to keep hiring plans moving forward you are just simply not going to stand out from the rest of your competition.


The main pitfall of using these conferencing platforms in your service offering is that when it comes to fighting for business and differentiating your recruitment agency, the potential client will always go for the agency with the best offering;  if another agency is using a specialist video interviewing platform and not a simple video conferencing tool they may be held to a higher regard, and with such a massive difference in functionality, using a specialist tool will give you a greater chance of winning business over your competition


So, what’s the difference?

Yes, you can conduct an interview with a candidate using conferencing tools. But there are limitations, and have you considered some of the advantages of using the right tool for the job:

So as you can see, yes conferencing tools are great but there is no comparison to what a specialist video platform will offer.


Shine provides you with an all-in-one solution to help streamline your processes and grow your business. Which is why we are used by recruiters the world over who have increased their fill rates, reduced time to hire and enhanced their talent pool.


We are all adapting to this new way of working, what will you do to stay competitive?

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