Invitation to tender: Shine Interview Website Development Brief

Closing date 30 May 2022


What is Shine 


Shine is a fully customisable, highly secure, enterprise level video-based recruitment platform that facilitates a remote first end-to-end recruitment process for enterprises, SMEs, and recruitment firms. Shine helps you recruit the best candidates, in an efficient and fair manner, while delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

Shine background


Shine is a UK based business which has operated in the video-based recruitment space for over 7 years. Originating from developing a solution specialised for the in-house recruitment industry, now expanding our offering to the recruitment agency market. 

Our goal


Our goal is to reduce the bias and the cost of recruiting while speeding up the time to hire process.

Project background


The current brand look and feel was developed in-house and has served its purpose whilst developing the business. 


As we aim to enhance the brand we also look to revolutionise our website.  Ensuring the website tech stack stability, enhanced user experience and improving the messaging so it resonates with our target audiences.


Project Objective


The business has matured and we are looking to adopt a brand that speaks more about the personality of the business and one which our target audience can easily relate to.


We want to ensure our audience can easily understand our solution, quickly convert on the website, and source relevant resources to help inform them with their decision making process.


We are expanding our acquisition, partner and integration channels and need the website and brand to perform optimally to ensure our success in new client acquisition.


Target Audience



UK, USA, AUS, NZ, Canada (english speaking countries, home territory is UK)


Decision makers


Recruiters: Senior management to C-Suite

In-House Recruiters 

Talent Acquisition



Integrated solutions- Bullhorn, LinkedIn, Workday, Jobtrain, icims, Hireful



Competitor products,Odro, Hinterview, HireVue, Spark Hire, 




Microsoft Dynamics

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Premium







Odro, Hinterview, HireVue, Spark Hire 


Tone of voice

Authoritative, innovative, modern, comfortable


Elements to review


  • Corporate Identity
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Tagline
  • Colour palette
  • Tone of Voice
  • Website rebuild 


Initial Proposal Feedback


Please assist us by answering the questions below. You are welcome to provide any additional information and supporting documentation to assist you with the process.


We look forward to receiving your feedback.


  1. What percentage of website development work has been SaaS related over the last 24 months?


  1. Have you worked on projects with goals like ours?


  1. What’s your research process like?


  1. In the last twelve months please provide 3 examples where you increased traffic and demo/trial conversions. Please include historic stats compared to new, and the timeframe to achieve these.


  1. What services will be provided to achieve our goal?


  1. What does your SEO strategy look like? 


  1. Will I be able to make edits on the site on our own?


  1. Can I please have 3 references from past/existing SaaS clients?


  1. What is your expectation of our involvement?


  1. Do you outsource any of your work?


  1. What CMS will the site be built on and will be off a template/illustrator?


  1. How do you optimise for Google Core Vital Assessment for page speed insights?


  1. Will there be any downtime when the new site is deployed?.


  1. How do you manage redirects existing and new (if required)?


  1. What’s your approach to a mobile optimised website build?



  1. What does your revision process look like?


  1. How do you suggest lead generation is managed post-conversion?


  1. How would you suggest attribution is best measured and reported on? 


  1. What is your involvement with the development of the blog? 


  1. How do you typically work with the content team?


In the first instance please submit responses to