GDPR Checklist

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As part of our on-going series of breakfast forum events that we host for in house recruiters in the North East (UK), Muckle LLP led us through the upcoming GDPR regulations,…


Want a Long Term Relationship? Hire for Values Fit

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Would you make a long term commitment to a future romantic partner you had only read about on paper? How about if you were allowed 30 minutes with them in…

core values

Hiring for Values Fit

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A recruiter’s work doesn’t end there With an obvious skills gap in the labour market, it’s easy to focus on attracting the right talent as the key to successful recruitment….


What all recruiters need to know about GDPR

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Have you heard about GDPR? Did you know it comes into effect on 25th May 2018 and it will impact everybody working in recruitment? GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation…


Video Interviews vs Telephone Interviews

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Telephone interviews have been an integral part of the selection process for some time, widely adopted across a variety of organisations for roles from telesales advisors through to senior and…


A Recruiter’s Utopia

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  Time; you want, need more of it. Time is money; your company wants and needs more of that too. So how do you, as recruitment professionals, balance the often…


Be Brave with Bias

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Bias has existed in recruitment for as long as recruitment has existed. Thankfully over recent decades, this has reduced dramatically and the introduction of protective legislation ensures the most obvious…


How to Get Management Buy-In for Video Interviewing Software

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As a recruitment manager, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the world of recruitment technology, you’ll often be ‘bought in’ way before your Board of…

Shine USA

USA Expansion

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We are delighted to announce our entry into the US market via a partnership with SCOUT SOLUTONS GROUP.   Following a period of rapid growth, which includes working with some…


Who is driving who in the world of recruitment technology?

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We live in a world where technology is everything. Many of us will still remember a world without it, although question how we used to function without it, but innovation…


My Apprenticeship: 1 year on

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As our first apprentice approaches the end of his first year we take a look back at his time with us. How has your first year been at Shine Interview?…


What is the cost of a Bad Hire?

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If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. Red Adair We hear so much about bad hires and what they…


The Green Interview

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What is the Green Interview? In today’s financial and environmental climate almost all businesses are under pressure from stakeholders to reduce their overheads and develop robust energy, carbon and sustainability…


A Graduate’s Guide to Video Interviewing Software

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  So the dust from graduation has finally settled and it is time to start thinking about what career you want to pursue for now, possibly for the rest of…


How to Increase Candidate Uptake

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How many people do you have applying for roles in your company, on average? If it’s not as many as you’d like, it may be because some of the candidates…


Building up to festive recruitment

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Christmas Recruitment – Why Companies Should Be Implementing Video Interviewing Now to Manage Festive Recruitment When it comes to recruiting temporary staff for the festive period, you could be missing…


Recruitment Agencies – How Video Interviewing Puts You Above the Competition

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As a recruitment agency, you’re always looking for ways to help your candidates to get the nod over the competition for the roles they’re put forward for. Unfortunately, not all…


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After our recent news of getting shortlisted for the Amazing Wearside Awards, we are delighted to announce that we will now be attending two different awards evenings, having been nominated…


How video interviewing can help when you need to recruit quickly

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We’d all love to think that our best employees will stay with the company for many years but unfortunately, this won’t always be the case. There can be various reasons…


Amazing Wearsiders!

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We’re absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for three awards at the upcoming Amazing Wearside Awards! The inaugural event was established last year by The Konect Group, who wanted to…

Tax Revenue Debt 2

How to Measure Success of Your Recruitment Campaign

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Do you know how effective your company’s recruitment campaigns really are? A lot of businesses don’t track the information or even know where to start when it comes to measuring…


Video Interviewing Vs Skype

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For us at Shine, there really is no contest.  In fact, both Skype and Video Interviewing offer a completely different solution.  However, in conversations with potential Video Interviewing Converts, we…


How to enhance your employer brand

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The best part of your business is your people – without the right people on board, you’ll find it hard to progress. Working on improving your employer brand, and how…


Video interviewing for executive recruitment

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Any new hire is important to a business – after all, an organisation is only as good as the people in it. But hiring at a very senior or executive…

social 4

How to harness the power of social recruitment

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Social media has just about taken over our lives, and is now a huge part of strategic digital marketing for most businesses. But what other business operations could social media…

candidate 3

Candidates are customers too

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When debating whether to invest in online video interview software, and start integrating videos into their recruitment process, companies unsurprisingly tend to think about the ways it can benefit them…

how to research a company

Candidate Tip of the Month: Don’t underestimate company research!

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Preparing for an interview can be daunting, we know – but there are some key things you can do to help yourself feel more prepared, and ready to win your…

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How video interviewing can help with seasonal recruitment drives

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Recruitment can be challenging at the best of times, but if you work in an industry like travel and tourism, which requires seasonal hiring in bulk, it can become even…

do's and don'ts

Video Interview Dos and Don’ts for Candidates

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Got your first ever video interview coming up? Never applied for a job this way and feeling nervous about your recording? Have no fear – we know what employers are…

Graduates celebrate

Why graduates are embracing video interviewing

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Video interviewing is a great method of recruitment for all kinds of candidates – but there’s one demographic that we believe are embracing the benefits of video interviewing more than…


How video interviewing future proofs your recruitment strategy

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As skills gaps grow larger and the hunt for top talent becomes increasingly competitive, looking to the future of your recruitment strategy is more important than ever. You need to…

Return on Investment

Why video interviewing is low risk, high return

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It’s no secret that video interviewing is on the rise. But, integrating it into your recruitment process can sometimes seem like a big shake up to something which is already…


How to prepare for your first video interview

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You may be reading this blog because you’ve been invited to your first video interview…fear not, it can be one of the most effective ways to successfully land your dream…

Closeup of a hand giving female employee loyalty card in supermarket

Overcoming the challenges of national retail recruitment

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  We know recruiting new staff can be challenging at the best of times, but how do you manage when you’re responsible for the quality of recruits all around the…

Shine Video Interviewing

My First Video Interview

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I had never heard about video interviewing until I was introduced to Shine Interview, and the first thing I did was research the company to make sure that I had…


Video Interviewing Boosts Employer Branding

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HR and Recruitment Managers have so many balls to keep in the air nowadays, not only do you have to ensure that you hire the right people at the right…


We’re hitting the headlines!

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We’ve been hitting the headlines over here at Shine again.  It’s been a great week for the team and a great start to the New Year.  A big welcome to…


Top 2016 Recruitment Trends

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We’re excited about 2016 – not only is it the year that our Platform will burst into the market but we know it’s a great time to be in recruitment…


How video interviewing can end recruitment discrimination

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During his Conservative party conference speech, UK Prime Minister David Cameron pointed to research suggesting that job applicants with “white-sounding names” were “nearly twice as likely to get call backs…

Contact Centre

Video Interviewing for Contact Centre Recruitment

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Volume recruitment for contact centres can be one of the most stressful, time sensitive – yet often thrilling – type of recruitment going. It takes a certain kind of recruiter…


Body language in a video interview

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We all go into a job interview afraid we’ll screw up. Say the wrong thing, don’t have the right answers… or maybe the words won’t come at all. However, what…


Sell me this pen

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This is now a standard interview question for candidates applying for a sales job. In the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, stockbroker Jordan Belfort teaches his sales team their…