Candidate Scheduler

Seamlessly move your candidates through your recruitment process by allowing self-scheduling of interviews and assessment centres through one centralized platform.

Helping Recruiters Reduce Time and Cost to Hire Through Video Technology

How It Works



Create the event

You can create different types of events, such as face-to-face interviews, group assessment centres, or telephone interviews.

Simply select how many candidate slots are available for each time slot to control how many people can book in.



Invite your candidates

Seamlessly move shortlisted candidates to the event, as part of a workflow or as a stand-alone tool, to trigger the email invite to book their time slot.

Let the candidates book their slots without any of the difficult telephone calls.



Review your time slots

Once all of your candidates have booked in, simply review the time slots to see who you’ll be interviewing and when.

You can keep your candidates informed through automated interview invitations, reminders and event details.

Less time spent self-managing scheduling conflicts. Receive an alert when there’s an overlap in candidate availability.

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It’s time to start solving the challenges of manual, back-and-forth scheduling and get your recruitment process shining!

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