Video Introductions

Increase candidate engagement by 56% with video outreach. Easily record high quality, snappy videos of yourself to support business development and candidate prospecting.

Transform Your Outreach

Video is increasingly popular in recruitment. There's little room left for standard cold calls, emails, job listings, and CVs. Implementing Video Introductions allows you to bring your outreach to life. Stand out in an overly competitive market, becoming the agency of choice.

Win More Clients

Prospecting more leads using video allows you to increase your response rates and ultimately win more retained business. Gain valuable data insights, so you know the right time to follow up!

Engage More Candidates

The hunt for talent is increasingly difficult. With both passive and active candidates regularly receiving messages from a number of recruiters, how do you get your roles to stand out? Video Introductions allows you to increase engagement and find the best talent.

How It Works


Record Your Video

Record your video introduction directly within the Shine platform, customizing it to your preferences – include aspects like job descriptions and contact forms to help increase engagement even further.



Share Your Link

Simply pick your platform of choice such as email, LinkedIn, or even Facebook. Share your link and hit send! Remember, when people view your video, your landing page is fully branded to your specs.


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Stand Out From the Crowd

It's no secret that competition in the recruitment industry is intense. Video introductions allow you to communicate in the most personalized and engaging way possible, helping you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Improve Client Engagement

An initial email that includes a video often sees an increased click-through rate up to 96%, helping you to get your message out more effectively than cold calling.

Engage Better with Passive Candidates

Sourcing candidates can be tough, especially when you find the perfect candidate, only to receive no response. Using video introductions to showcase your role allows you to add life and personality to the job description, which has proven to show a 34% increase in applications

Showcase Your Brand

As the Shine platform is completely customizable to your guidelines, anyone that you engage with through the platform will interact with your brand. Whether that's emails or landing pages designed with your logo, colors, and text, you can ensure that your efforts are boosting your brand awareness.

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Bright words from happy customers.

Using the Shine platform results in a greater proportion of candidates being selected to interview and therefore our conversion rate is higher.

We have used Shine Interview for several years now and the whole team find it very easy to use. Video interviewing allows durhamlane to stand out from our competitors, and because we use Shine to recruit on behalf of our clients, we have received great feedback from candidates who have completed the process.

Phil Mulvain
Director of Recruitment

Our results this year from the Canadian project have more than doubled from last year, and a large part of this increase is due to using Shine technology.

There has absolutely been a positive return on investment and we are now looking at how we can replicate this with other recruitment campaigns with Shine to get the same results.

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David Anderson
Senior Regional Manager
REED Education

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