Why Shine?

We understand that you have options when looking for a technology partner, so why should you choose to partner with us?

buyers guide to video interviewing

If you are comparing options, our free buyer’s guide walks you through some of the common questions and things to consider.

The Shine experience is about you and your candidates, and the award winning technology is just a part of that.

    Technology that supports candidates, not puts them off
  • Works on all devices, super easy-to-use with one-click access directly from your browser.
  • Best in class candidate experience
  • End-to-end white-labelled candidate experience on web or mobile (including automated SMS & email invites/reminders). We can replicate your brand guidelines, and the candidate experience has been described as first class – and comes with every account. If you have sub departments or work on behalf of an end client, you can even create separate sub accounts and brand identities easily and quickly.
    Secure and Trusted
  • We have worked with this type of technology for years. We have a position on the Microsoft Azure Advisory board, so you can be sure that we understand security. It goes without saying that we are GDPR compliant and data is stored in ISO 27001 data centres. We are Cyber Essentials Plus and Penetration Test Certified – ask us for more information.
  • On hand to help
  • Exceptional client & candidate support: average. 1st response time = 2 minutes.
  • Integration? No problem!
  • We also know that there is a good chance we will need to work with or alongside your current systems. Unlike some legacy systems where an API is ‘bolted on’ as an afterthought, Shine is built on an Open, RESTful API from the ground up. In fact, our own admin system uses the same API that you would. This makes for super easy integration with ATS/CRM and other bespoke systems.
    We are Agile!
  • Our clients drive our development roadmap and you are the guys on the ground so it makes sense to listen to what you need. We are set up for rapid development, and if it makes sense to add a feature, chances are it can be done quickly. Of course, since it is all cloud hosted, there is nothing for you to install and you will receive updates instantly. It takes a certain mindset and experience to be able to work in this way.
  • Customer Success
  • It is in everybody’s interest that you are using the platform in the right way. We like to stay in touch with regular account reviews, even if it’s just for a quick catch up about the latest features. It doesn’t matter whether you are one of the world’s largest companies, or a smaller team, we love hearing your challenges, suggestions and success stories.

If you’d like to find out more about Shine, a personalised, no obligation demo takes about 30 minutes.

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