If you’ve found Shine, it’s likely you’re about to embark on a video interview! Good luck, and feel free to get some useful tips from places like our blog and social media sites.

Candidates love shine
and the statistics show it

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97% of candidates surveyed would be happy to complete another video interview in the future!

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42% of candidates surveyed said they had a “very positive” opinion of the company they applied for before completing the video interview. This changed to…

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70% after having completed their video interview! 24% also responded “positive”.

At first, video interviewing can seem daunting – but here are just a few of it’s many candidate benefits:

    Time Management
  • There’s no need to take time off from your existing role – you can record your interview in your own time
  • Travel Flexibility
  • No travel required for the first stage of the interviewing process
  • Cultural Awareness
  • It allows you to see the company’s culture, especially if they provide an intro video
  • Rehearsals
  • Opportunity to rehearse prior to starting the interview and record each question one at a time
  • Personal Statements
  • You get to create a personal statement
  • Candidate Fairness
  • It’s a fairer process – all candidates at this stage get asked the same questions as you and have the same amount of time to answer
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • You can record your interview from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer! (As long as it has a webcam of course)

Quotes from happy candidates

I soon relaxed after the first question and I was quite comfortable with this new method of interviewing.

- Jasper Fisher

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