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Shining examples of recruiting success.

We work with clients in over 80 countries and many different languages.

9 out of 10 candidates like one way video interviews

graphic showing 9 out of 10 candidates

Approx 40 minutes of time per candidate is saved during the screening process

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Halving the average hiring process from 16 weeks to 8 weeks

shine hiring process

Candidate engagement increases by 56% with video outreach when compared to text based messages

graph showing text vs video
shine infinity

Bright words from happy customers.

Using the Shine platform results in a greater proportion of candidates being selected to interview and therefore our conversion rate is higher.

We have used Shine Interview for several years now and the whole team find it very easy to use. Video interviewing allows durhamlane to stand out from our competitors, and because we use Shine to recruit on behalf of our clients, we have received great feedback from candidates who have completed the process.

recruiting client

Phil Mulvain
Director of Recruitment

Our results this year from the Canadian project have more than doubled from last year, and a large part of this increase is due to using Shine technology.

There has absolutely been a positive return on investment and we are now looking at how we can replicate this with other recruitment campaigns with Shine to get the same results.

recruitment customer

David Anderson
Senior Regional Manager
REED Education

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