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We work with clients in over 80 countries and many different languages.

9 out of 10 candidates like one way video interviews

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Approx 40 minutes of time per candidate is saved during the screening process

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Halving the average hiring process from 16 weeks to 8 weeks

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Candidate engagement increases by 56% with video outreach when compared to text based messages

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Bright words from happy customers.

Video interviewing reduces the time spent on telephone interviews and allows us to gain better insight on our candidates.

This innovative tool saves time, improves efficiency and helps us to better identify quality candidates. For applicants this process is more flexible allowing them to complete the initial interview at any time. I’m a big fan and I’m looking forward to it becoming standard practice throughout the contact centre industry.

Gillian Tarelli
Head of UK Recruitment

We found the platform itself to be very user friendly and Shine was able to deliver training to external assessors through an online session, which we found very useful.

We had positive feedback from our candidates regarding the ease of use of the platform. We were also pleased to hear that the Shine team’s response rate to candidate queries was very fast and they often went that extra mile to help.

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Michael Barrett
Leadership Team
Local Government Association

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Re-defining Recruitment in a Post-COVID World

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