Spotlight Screening

Your secure, streamlined and tech led portal to bring candidates to life

Speed up your shortlisting process

Still sending your clients PDFs and Word documents? Stop what you’re doing, now. Spotlight allows you and your clients to create a shared dashboard for your open roles, giving you the ability to share your shortlisted candidates’ digital profiles and create a highly engaging experience for your clients to review candidates with more depth than ever before. 

  • Next Generation technology led shortlisting
  • Engagement
  • Enhanced engagement for rapid feedback
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Give your clients more depth with digital candidate profiles
  • Brand Showcasing
  • White label functionality to promote your brand
  • Build Rapport
  • Promoting your brand increases credibility
  • Shortlisting Efficiency
  • Get to your hire faster by removing the communication clutter

Get to placements faster

Shortlisting Feedback

Sick of waiting and chasing for feedback after shortlisting or interview? Use Spotlight to track and engage better with your clients to streamline candidates through the workflow, leading to faster decisions and placements.

laptop showing a shine feature

laptop showing a shine feature

Shortlisting Modernisation

Does your shortlist look dated? You’re not still sending a word doc CV are you? Bring your candidates to life with a digital profile via Spotlight. Encompass all their traditional files, Video Interviews and CVs as well as your notes into one, efficient Digital Candidate Profile.

Brand Showcasing

Showcase your brand and give your clients a memorable and streamlined experience. From longlist to shortlist to interview to offer, create an environment you clients will love! Build a more engaging experience that will increase your number of deals and guarantee repeat business!

laptop showing a shine feature

How It Works



Create a Spotlight

Create a spotlight for a new role you’re working on, exciting stuff! Give your client and hiring managers access to a branded client portal with a simple, easy to follow workflow process



Automated Alerts

provide your client or hiring managers with automated alerts any time you shortlist a candidate into the spotlight. Here they can view your candidates digital profile and gain a real depth and insight into a candidate like never before.



Review & Feedback

From here create reviews, provide feedback and simply drag to next step in the process, triggering actions for the recruiter.



Relationship Management

Your client can request new roles at any time, making your relationship efficient and successful, fulfilling their needs and building lasting rapport

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