Live Video Interviewing

Built especially for your recruitment needs, you’ll experience a smoother process with enhanced candidate experience. It's enhanced video conferencing built for interviewing.

Improve Collaboration

Record your interviews so they can be shared and reviewed later. With no software to download, hiring managers can simply view the interviews from their browser to help improve collaboration in decision making.

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Improved Quality of Hire

Being able to interview – albeit virtually – a higher number of candidates allows you to quickly and efficiently assess who will be a good fit. Candidates who complete a live interview are also often more committed to the role!

No Scheduling Restrictions

You can take your search further than local candidates, and allow them to self-schedule based on your availability. Live video interviewing is the perfect solution to a skills gap as you take your search further!

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Speed up your hiring process today


For Recruitment Agencies

Get straight in front of your current and potential clients, reducing your time to fill by up to 70%. Recording your video conference with your candidate, you can share this with clients through a simple sharing link that allows them to instantly judge whether your candidate is the right fit.

Giving you a USP exceeding 90% over the competition… your clients will love your video shortlists compared to the age-old CV shortlists from your competitors.



For In-House Recruiters

We get that sometimes there are barriers with face-to-face interviews, or you might even just want to have a brief meeting with a candidate before committing to a face-to-face interview. Live video interviewing can save on travel costs and expand your candidate search, while ensuring you’re inviting in the most suited candidates for interviews.

Helping you to reduce time to hire and improve collaboration in your hiring teams, you can share your live interviews with hiring managers through a unique link.


Live Interviewing Features

The Shine platform can be fully white-labelled, making your candidates much more engaged with your brand during the recruitment process. From the invitation emails to the actual interview, your candidates will always be seeing your logo and colours.

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video strategies for recruitment agencies

Video Strategies for Recruitment Agencies

Videos are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than text - we retain the information from visuals a lot easier. This guide tells all on the different ways that you can use video to grow your recruitment agency, without a massive budget!

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