Using video interviewing software for retail recruitment is one of the most varied type of candidate recruitment campaigns going.

It’s the kind of recruitment campaign when, for just a few jobs, you could get hundreds of applicants at once – or for tens of jobs, thousands apply.

That’s a lot of CVs to sift and paperwork to process for any size team!

Anyone that’s hired for retail roles will know that it’s more about the person than what’s on paper. You could have someone apply on an application form and tick every box going, but if they don’t have the sparkle, have the knowledge or the personality that you’re looking for, then the game’s over.

Without video interviewing involved, you’ve often (dare we say) wasted not only an hour of your time, but of theirs too.

This is why we think that video interviewing is critical for hiring the right person to welcome your next customer into your store.

Personality matters

We’ve all been in a shop where we remembered an assistant that was particularly cheery, knowledgeable, helpful, right?

We remember them and they become part of our shopping experience. We’re more likely to buy from that person. We’ve also stomped out of stores when we didn’t like the attitude of a sales assistant or we’re fed up of waiting for someone to serve us.

Again, getting that first impression right is never more important than when in a retail environment.

Hire a target smashing team

The great thing about video interviewing is that you can set specific sales scenario questions. You can ask them to pitch, to role play and to even show how you’d greet someone in your store.

You can then sift and score from any device at any time to suit you. Not only that, you can share responses with other team members to get feedback.

Using video interviewing software to free up your hiring time means that you can get to fill your roles faster and smarter. It means your day job is no longer consumed with sifting and sorting CVs and you’ll have your new sales ready team good to go in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Make your next team Shine!