Public sector and central government recruitment can often involve multiple stakeholders at numerous locations. A headache at the best of times.

Recruitment within the public sector also often involves a detailed application form process, which is then sifted – a long timely process that then usually proceeds to the telephone interview before shortlisting to the initial interview rounds.


Shortening the process

After the lengthy time it takes to sift application forms, and involve panels to decide on suitable candidates, suitable applicants have often found a new role, putting the whole process back to square one!

Video interviewing can often save companies up to around 70% of recruitment time – time which is often lost within public sector recruitment processes.


Saving you time and process

• It means you are able to include other panel members or key stakeholders around the business without relying on coordinating multiple face to face interviews
• Integrates seamlessly with existing systems
• It’s cloud-based so meets government procurement needs
• Reduces time and wastage from assessment centres
• Supporting documents can be uploaded in support of applicants
• Helps meet diversity targets within recruitment

Fully secure and accessible

Our software is fully secure and accessible for all applicants. It also provides an excellent recruitment audit trail and is easily integrated with any other internal system.

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