Having spent years as a technical director, recruiting for executive through to technical and volume recruitment projects, our CEO, David Copple, decided to take video interviewing to a new level and create a next generation video interviewing platform.

With a fantastic, enthusiastic team of developers, product managers, design and marketing folk on board, we consulted closely with knowledgeable and experienced recruiters to create Shine – our cloud based video interview platform with the science of recruitment at the heart of it.

A note from our CEO

Like the best of ideas, Shine is an idea borne of frustration and real world experience.

I’ve been involved in start-ups for years – from growing a team from scratch, to rapidly growing global and offshore teams to scale following investment rounds. I’ve also been a part of setting up new contact centre sites, and both the technical and resourcing challenges involved there.

Each had one thing in common, the quality of the team was paramount. Sometimes we got lucky, sometimes the search took a bit longer. I was always very keen to look beyond the CV and consider the attitude of an individual, how would they fit with the culture of the team and how would they represent our company values when talking to a client.

There had to be a better way than receiving endless CVs via email, and a more efficient process than telephoning or sitting through numerous first round interviews for an hour at a time.

Shine evolved as a way to just do things better.

During development, we spoke to a lot of Hiring Managers and Recruitment Agencies, many of whom are now using Shine themselves, so it really is a collaboration of ideas to solve a common problem across many different sectors.

Our Product Development team puts the user experience at the heart of everything. We’re confident that’ll be the first thing you notice when you start using it…

We’re changing the face of recruitment and we’d love for you to see why.

David Copple

CEO, Shine