We’ll take a look at Shine as an alternative to HireVue, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

HireVue are a provider of video interviewing software and assessments, who work with a variety of clients globally. They were founded in 2004, based in Utah, and are one of the longest standing vendors on the market. Here we’ll look at what HireVue have to offer compared to Shine, to help answer a few questions you might have when comparing video interviewing platforms.

What products do HireVue offer?

HireVue’s platform includes video interviewing, assessments, and scheduling – like ours here at Shine. The features of their video interviewing platform appear to be very similar in functionality to the Shine platform, such as branded pages, ability to embed videos throughout the interview process, flexible question options like timing, and mobile apps.

Both Shine and HireVue can integrate with ATS vendors. Because we’re built on an open API, Shine offers ways of customising the process to craft a custom solution for clients.

Does artificial intelligence really work?

HireVue make a big deal about their AI in their video interviewing. It could be easy to assume that HireVue are the way to go if you’re looking for something very advanced – there are big claims that AI is being used to reduce bias and help to highlight the top performers so that recruiters can dive straight in to the most promising candidates. AI claims to pick up what types of words are being used, the type and meaning of statements being made, overall expressiveness, and emotions which are detected from voice and facial expressions.

AI, though, learns from what hiring managers choose to feed it – so what it is picking up is based on human judgement. This means that it’s not going to eliminate bias completely, because any bias already in your recruitment process (even if it’s unconscious) can be learned by AI. Sure, this can help to speed up extremely high-volume recruitment campaigns, which can be beneficial if this is something that your organisation does regularly and makes the overall costs of using the platform worth it. As expected, though, there are mixed reviews of their AI powered assessments. Probably because many people are still very sceptical – including the candidates. There’s a low degree of trust, many of the recruiters that we speak to are still very doubtful about AI and whether it truly does improve recruitment processes. Many believe that there isn’t a problem that needs solving by that level of complexity, therefore overpaying for an underutilized solution and eliminating tasks at the expense of the candidates.

Finding what AI can’t

At Shine we like to take a different approach – we believe in hiring for values fit. When you want to go a little further with your recruitment software we offer values-based recruitment alongside video interviewing. Our platform allows you to benchmark the 36 core values of your team, so when candidates complete the same exercise the platform shows who will be a perfect fit for your company.

Hiring candidates who share a values alignment with employees will allow for greater success in the recruitment and retention of employees, and when used alongside video interviewing it creates a sophisticated workflow which provides detailed insights into your candidates. The ability to compare candidates to your already existing team will help to reduce bias in terms of things such as gender or age – meaning you can hire people who share your values and goals, not just opinions and backgrounds.

This method is trusted amongst our clients, including Nissan, where our values-based recruitment and video interviewing have become an integral part of their recruitment process. We are looking into offering AI within our platforms – but this isn’t something we’ll put out there until we’re sure it really works reliably and consistently and can offer our clients the most sophisticated AI features at a reasonable price.

Do I need to install plugins to use HireVue?

Like many of our competitors, the HireVue platform relies on Adobe Flash Player. Flash is a plugin that runs on your computer to enable the recording and playing of videos on a web browser. Due to the extensive security risks that Flash poses to its users, it is no longer a default in browser settings and therefore candidates will either need to install the programme or adjust their settings. These security risks are so vast that Adobe has announced that Flash will be obsolete by the end of 2020, which puts HireVue at a disadvantage when this happens.

Shine uses the most up to date technology

Shine is built from the ground up using HTML5. This means our platform does not require any support from Flash, so it is much more secure and adds confidence to our clients and users. We’re already one step ahead and won’t need to make any changes to our platform by the time Flash is phased out – and you can be confident knowing that Shine offers the most secure and reliable video interviewing platform available.

How much does HireVue cost?

HireVue don’t publish their pricing online so it’s difficult to say. However, based on client reviews and some additional content it seems that their platform is at the higher end of what you would pay for a video interviewing provider. This is to be expected given how they mainly focus on larger enterprise clients.

Here at Shine, we let you know what your annual subscription can start from, but our packages are bespoke due to the variety of clients that we work with. We’re scalable to the smallest or the largest of organisations and can offer great value for smaller organisations – is this something that HireVue can really do? Our annual subscriptions include enterprise grade hosting and security, a dedicated account manager, best in-class support for candidates and clients, branding and more. There won’t be any hidden costs for set up or training.

First of the second generation of video interviewing tools, Shine is designed to be agile and flexible. As a result, we can offer enterprise solutions with real value for money.

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