Here we’ll take a look at Shine as an alternative to Spark Hire for your video interviewing needs, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Spark Hire are a video interview software provider which launched in 2012, based in Chicago. They work with a variety of clients globally and are one of the larger brand names in the industry. Here we’ll take a look at what Spark Hire have to offer in comparison to Shine, with both our similarities and our differences, to help answer any questions you might have when comparing video interview providers.

Spark Hire products

Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform has a lot of similarities to ours here at Shine. In terms of functionality, both platforms offer asynchronous video interviewing, with additional features such as branding, scheduling systems, sharing features, and a mobile app – to name a few. Other features, such as adjustable time limits, reading limits and candidate re-tries are available on both platforms – but these will cost more for an increased package at Spark Hire. Both video interviewing platforms are mature and offer of a variety of beneficial features.

Spark Hire offers three different types of packages – bronze, silver, and gold. These are based on what features you get on your platform and how many jobs you want to recruit for. At Shine, our subscriptions are based on number of interviews as apposed to jobs, so there are no limits to the number of roles you can create.

Shine vs Spark Hire

In terms of our product offerings, Shine differs because we offer our pre-hire assessment, values-based recruitment. Spark Hire don’t appear to offer any form of assessment alongside their video interviewing, but we give our clients the option to implement values-based assessments alongside their video interviewing to help identify those candidates who will be a perfect fit in the workplace.

Our values-based recruitment platform allows you to measure the 36 core values of your existing team and hire candidates who share a values alignment with your employees, which will allow for greater success in the recruitment and retention of new employees. Using the two together creates a sophisticated workflow than provides detailed insights into your candidates. Employees are happier and more productive when working with people who share their personal needs, values and motivations.

Will I need to install plugins to use Spark Hire?

Much like the majority of the video interview vendors on the market today, Spark Hire requires its users to run Adobe Flash Player to use their platform. Flash is a plugin needed on web browsers to play and record video content, but Flash is no longer enabled as a default in browsers due to the security risks that it imposes on its users. The use of Flash to support the platform creates a level of vulnerability that most users probably aren’t even aware of. These vulnerabilities have become so vast that Adobe announced that Flash will be made obsolete by 2020.

Shine’s future proof technology

Shine has been built from the ground up using HTML5, so there’s no use of Flash in sight here. HTML5 supports the same multimedia elements as Flash but with much greater security measures – so our clients and candidates can feel confident in our platform. Because Flash is no longer a default in browsers, most users would have to mess around with their browser settings before they can do their interview. With Shine, there’s a smoother candidate experience because they can get straight to work recording their interview without any disruptions.

How much does Spark Hire cost?

Spark Hire are very transparent about their pricing strategies compared to most vendors on the market. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, that might by why you’re considering Spark Hire as your video interview provider. It is worth noting, however, that their cheapest package does come without a variety of different features that their more expensive packages come with – even some of the more basic features such as adjustable time limits and reading time on questions.

But is the cheapest option really the best option? At Shine, our packages are agile and designed to meet the needs of our clients so each one is different. Through a consultative process we look at how you will use your subscription and we will create a bespoke package to fit your needs and budget. Features such as the adjustable time limits, reading time, and retry settings are standard throughout any package at Shine and won’t cost more to use. Shine offers an enterprise level solution with a level of support and account management that is second to none, all while being able to offer great value for money.


At Shine, we’re all about making things work for you – get in touch for a no-obligation demo to see how we can tailor a bespoke package that suits your recruitment needs.

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