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Bayes Business School, use Shine's one-way video interviewing tool as part of their application process for course admissions. By doing this, they are able to take applications from all around the world and process these in a much quicker way than traditional recruitment methods.

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Using Shine helps save time and reduces the effort to recruit and screen students. The alternative would be for the University to have multiple in-person interviews or two-way video interviews which is a costly way of working and open to bias decisions.

Hanna Anders, MSc Admissions Manager, Bayes Busienss School

What led you to start using video interviewing software? 

Bayes Business School wanted to use online interviewing technology to assess potential students and their suitability for a course within the Business School. The Programme wanted to increase its potential candidate outreach and make sure that the candidates are suitable for the chosen course using interviewing software was a big part of this

What  were the biggest challenges you faced before using our software? 

Using Shine helps save time and reduces the effort to recruit and screen students. The alternative would be for the University to have multiple in-person interviews or two-way video interviews which is a costly way of working and open to bias decisions. Now, admissions teams can conduct one-way video interviews with many students locally and internationally and have them send in a recording of their answers in a relatively short period. 

How Has Our Software Helped You Improve Your Recruitment Process?

Automated video interviews have been a game changer for us - reduced time-to-screen candidates, eliminated a need to write notes and spend time to arrange two-way interviews in different time zones. The ability to send branded messages and  efficiency of the platform helped maintain good candidate engagement throughout the admissions cycle.

Over 700 students are invited every year and more than 90% complete their video interviews, this is a very efficient way of conducting interviews as the Programme is able to save on of time and cost when it comes to shortlisting candidates and testing their skills and motivation online 

How Has Our Software Helped You Save Time And Resources During The Recruitment Process?

Once the interview questions are set up it is very easy to send a link via e-mail to the relevant candidates and check the interview once the notification of completion arrives in the Admissions in-box. It is possible for more than one person to assess the answers, which improves qualify of the final decision.

The system removes a need to write notes during interview and negotiate the best time for the interview with all parties, which is vital as we recruit students all over the world and different time zones present a challenge for live communication scenarios.

What Features Of Our Software Do You Find Most Useful ?

One-way video interview/Pre-recorded message and questions, easy accessibility.

How Does Our Software Compare To Other Recruitment Solutions You Have Used In The Past? 

It is more efficient and user friendly.

How Has The Implementation Process Of Our Software Been For Your Team?

The implementation process was quick and straightforward with Shine Interview. We had an onsite training session with our Account Manager which was followed up with appropriate step-by-step instructions. We have access to our account manager and our questions and requests are always addressed promptly and in a friendly manner.

How Has Our Software Helped You Improve The Student Admissions Experience ?

The system looks professional, it is user friendly and efficient and this  supports the overall image of the School and the Programme

How Has Our Software Helped You Overcome Any Language Or Geographic Barriers During The Admission Process ? 

It eliminates a problem of arranging interviews with candidates in different time zones and offer both candidates and assessors flexibility as to the time/date for completion of the interview/ assessment.

How Has Our Software Helped You Increase Diversity And Inclusivity In Your Application Process ?

 Interviews offer applicants opportunity to show their personality, comment on experiences, knowledge and show motivation, which helps us to make decision using holistic approach. Not all information could be included in a standard application form.

How Has Our Software Helped You Streamline Your Process Across Multiple Locations Or Departments? 

Removing challenges in managing interviews with applicants in difffernt time zones, now we have no problem with time deference, and alos no need for commuting.

How Has Our Software Helped You Scale Your Student Recruitment Process ?

Shine has removed steps in our admissions administration process. helping us optimis eteh process and saving us time and resources.

How Has Our Software Helped You Save Costs Or Improve Your Bottom Line ?

Once the standard interview is set up, the administration of each interview takes aprox. 15 min, which includes sending invitation, reminder, checking quality of submitted record and alerting the assessor. In comparison, setting up two-way interviews takes at least 40 min on average.

How Has Our Software Helped You Maintain Compliance With Student Recruitment Regulations And Policies? 

With pre-set interviews all candidates are asked the same questions, their answers are recorded and assessed by a number of assessors if necessary.

How Has Our Customer Support Team Helped You Throughout Your Experience With Our Software ? 

During The onboarding stage customer support team understood Bayes schools' challenges and designed training as per our needs. Our employees feel confident using the Shine Interview system and asking for support when needed. 

How Has Our Software Helped You Achieve Your Student Recruitment Goals ?

On-line interviews is and integral part of application assessment process for a number of courses on the Programme.

How Has Our Software Helped You Differentiate Yourself From Competitors In The Industry ?

 The system is user friendly and efficient.

Would You Recommend Our Video Interviewing Software To Other Companies? If So, Why?

 Yes, because it is easy to use, represents good value for money and have a good technical support.


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