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Matalan are a British fashion and homeware retailer, established in 1985, they now have 227 UK stores and 31 international stores. A staple in the UK fashion industry, Matalan are renowned for their great value and quality fashion and home products – with a large focus on out of town, retail park locations, they aren’t just your average high street store.

Having used the same video interviewing software provider for 3 years, Matalan decided to review what other options might be available. 

After assessing several different vendors, they chose to move to Shine in early 2017; there were a few things which made us stand out from the crowd:

Some of our readily available features in the platform also attracted Matalan to Shine. One particular feature that Matalan enjoy using is our text messaging feature, which allows our clients to send automatic texts to each candidate they invite, and they’ve seen an increase in their conversion rates since it was implemented.

They found that the ability to text the candidate via the platform, as well as knowing they can trust invite emails to not land in spam, has increased their video interview completion. It is features such as these that made them feel we were able to offer something different.

Matalan team

"Using Shine has really helped to reduce the time we spend on reviewing CVs and candidate screening calls. Our Hiring Managers really benefit from hearing the candidates describe their experience and desire to work for Matalan first-hand and we’ve also found that attendance at assessment centres has increased, as candidates are more engaged and invested in the role once they’ve completed a video interview for us."

Melissa Parlour, Senior Recruitment Advisor, Matalan

Matalan’s Recruitment Process

Prior to using video interviewing, Matalan used telephone interviews to screen their candidates prior to their interview or assessment days. While replacing the telephone calls with video interviews may not seem like a huge change in process, it has allowed their team to reduce their screening time while still being able to assess a higher number of candidates.

Always struggling to find time to schedule a lot of telephone calls for each position, Matalan previously had to screen applications to a much lower number than what they do now. Now, they’re able to send out video interview invitations to 50-60 candidates per role, so they’re able to spend less time screening applications and on lengthy telephone calls by easily assessing and screening candidates using the Shine platform. Not only does this benefit Matalan, but more candidates are given the opportunity to shine.

Now that Matalan have replaced their telephone interviews with video interviews, their process normally looks a little something like this:

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