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Sky Betting and Gaming are a tech company employing over 13,000 people, aiming to be the best digital business in the UK. Their Tech Academy Graduate Programme supports graduates as they work towards achieving a company sponsorship in digital and technology solutions.

Prior to implementing video interviewing, the screening process at Sky Betting & Gaming was conducted exclusively via telephone, meaning that they were unable to see a candidates body language and commitment until the final stage of the process.

The Shine platform is so easy to use for hiring managers and candidates, the SBG team were able to ensure their process was effective and efficient as possible. There’s long been the misconception that video interviewing and tech roles aren’t a good match – but we’ve got the results to prove otherwise!

Sky Betting & Gaming provide a unique Tech Academy Graduate Programme, which puts graduates on a path to achieving a sponsored Master’s in Digital and Technology Solutions, accredited by Sheffield Hallam University. The Tech Academy is open to students from all disciplines – even those not from a tech background – giving those with an interest in technology the chance to launch their digital career.

The Tech Academy Graduate Programme has three main stages in its recruitment process. First is a call with a Tech Academy Graduate Recruiter, followed by a video interview, then followed by an assessment day. So, what exactly is it about the Shine platform that has brought so much success for Sky Betting & Gaming?

The team at Sky Betting & Gaming were able to close applications for their Tech Academy early, as they successfully managed to fill all assessment day spaces before the original closing date. 86% of video interviews were completed, and the quality of candidates getting to showcase themselves through video meant that those assessment spaces went quickly – something much more difficult to achieve through a telephone interview.

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“Having successfully partnered with Shine on our Tech Academy Recruitment campaign last year, we are looking forward to working together again on our 2020 campaign.

Both candidates and our internal hiring managers commented on intuitive and user friendly the platform is to use. This resulted in an 86% completion rate, which meant we were able to close applications early and ensure we filled our assessment days with the highest quality candidates.”

Georgina Scott, Technology Academy Manager, Sky Betting & Gaming

80% of students hired to the Tech Academy Graduate Programme were female.

It’s no secret that there’s a lack of gender diversity in tech, and Sky Betting & Gaming are committed to closing the gap. 

Sky Betting & Gaming are the first company in the UK to offer this apprenticeship, providing opportunities to all students as a way to fully address the digital skills gap and create the tech leaders of tomorrow! Using video interviewing to recruit across the business, we’ll go into more detail about how Sky Betting & Gaming use the Shine platform to recruit for their graduate programme. 

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