What is the difference between this and Skype?

An interview over Skype still requires an interview to be scheduled and interaction to take place.

Shine allows the candidate to record in their own time, perhaps at home, and the recruiter to review, share and shortlist when convenient.

Interviews can be referred back to at any time and compared directly.

What sort of device can candidates use to record on?

Any and they can be done at any time of day or night and on any day, as long as you are within the deadline for the role.

Candidates can use any modern laptop or PC with a webcam or mic and internet connection. Both iOS and Android apps are available to record directly from a smartphone.

Most libraries or job centres also offer access to suitable computers for free. Candidates never need to pay to use the platform.

Do candidates need to install anything?

There is nothing extra to install, as long as they have a modern web browser.

Mobile apps are available for free in the app store.

Can candidates practice before starting the interview?

Yes, candidates have the ability to perform a practice question, which they can review to ensure lighting and sound levels are correct.

What should candidates wear?

We recommend that candidates prepare for and treat the video interview as they would a face to face interview.

First impressions count, so it makes sense to be smartly dressed – at least from the waist up!

Do candidates see questions in advance? Can they have more than one go at a question?

These are configurable options, so it’s up to the individual recruiter.

What do recruiters need to review video interviews?

Managers just need access to any web enabled device.

Videos are encoded and can be played back anywhere and at any time.

What does Shine cost?

Our service isn’t off the shelf and our prices aren’t either. We prefer to get to know your business and gain a better understanding of how you’ll use Shine so that we can tailor a price to suit you.

How long will it take me to get started?

We can have your account up and running in a few hours. If you’d like Shine to integrate with other software it may take a little longer. Contact us now so we can understand your requirements and give you a more accurate timescale.

Can it integrate with my ATS/CRM?

Shine is designed to easily integrate with literally hundreds of other applications out of the box – all you need is an API key from us.

In most cases, as part of your account setup, our implementation team can advise on and setup the perfect process for you, but if it’s something a little more complex, your developers will find it easy to work with our documentation too.

Can candidates retry questions?

We offer you the option of allowing your candidates a retry, so it’s up to you, whether you’d like to give them one take or multiple attempts to perfect their answers.

Can I interview candidates abroad?

Shine is ideal to interview candidates abroad.  It’s built in the cloud and accessible via web and app so you can access it from anywhere in the world too.

Can I take a trial?

We wouldn’t expect any business to sign up without testing Shine out to make

Can it be branded with my company’s details?

Our Enterprise level subscription can include white labelling.

Does Video Interview promote discrimination?

Quite the opposite! Shine enables you to record a score and comment against each answer, which means that at any time you can demonstrate that candidates have been assessed fairly.

What happens if a candidate doesn’t have a smartphone?

Over 76% of adults in the UK own a smartphone or tablet, however, Shine is also accessible for candidates using a computer with a webcam. Candidates who neither have a smartphone, tablet or computer could take the interview on a computer in their local library, internet café or borrow a smartphone to complete the interview.

Are the questions pre-set?

You set your own questions, and can differentiate between roles. Each role can have up to 10 questions, each with up to 2 minutes to answer.

How long does the candidate have to complete the interview?

That depends on how many questions you set and how long you allow for each question. The maximum is 10 questions with 2 minutes per question, so up to 25 minutes in total with your introduction.

Do the candidates get to practice?

Each interview must include a practice question. This is not uploaded for you to review, but the candidate can watch it back to check the lighting, sound, general environment and their appearance.

Is it just for graduates?

Whilst the initial uptake for video interview has been much greater in graduate recruitment it offers the same benefits for all recruitment, and is growing in popularity across the board.

Is it just for volume recruitment?

Our video interview platform is fully scalable, so we can offer all the same benefits received by large volume recruiters to those using it on a smaller scale.

Is it just for distance recruiting?

Shine is an excellent replacement to telephone interview or video conference, whether your candidates are just a round the corner or on the other side of the world.  It can also be the perfect additional step to your selection process to improve the quality of candidates being invited in for face to face interviews and assessment centres.

Isn’t video interview a bit impersonal?

It doesn’t have to be. With Shine you have the option to include video introductions to your company and to the role. With the opportunity to white label and to customise your email communications Shine is able to integrate with your employer brand.

Do candidates like video interview?

They love it! They’re able to record their interviews in their own time and in their own environment, which not only means they don’t have to take time off from their current roles, but also that they’re able to record the interview where they feel comfortable, and hopefully, a little less nervous.

Still have questions? We’re happy to help!