If you’ve found Shine, it’s likely you’re about to embark on a video interview! Good luck and feel free to get useful tips in places like our blog and our social media sites.


The great thing about using Shine as a video interviewing platform is that:

  • There’s no need to take time off from your existing role – you can record in own time
  • No travel required for the first stage interview process
  • It allows you to see the company’s culture, especially if they also provide an intro video.
  • Opportunity to rehearse prior to starting interview
  • Record each question at a time
  • You get to create a personal statement
  • It’s a fairer process – all candidates at this stage get asked the same questions as you and have the same amount of time to answer
  • Less nerve wracking meaning you can perform to your natural ability without the pressure of a face-to-face interview at this stage

If you’ve never used a video interviewing platform, don’t worry, Shine is super easy to use – like an iPhone, you should just be able to download the app and away you go!

You can record your answers from your phone, your tablet or your PC as long as it has a webcam of course!