Research shows that employers can expect a return between 500% and 800% when they hire new graduates…

But with graduate recruitment, comes high volume recruitment!

Nissan is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world with major production and office facilities in Japan, the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, China and Southeast Asia.

Nissan are committed to encouraging graduates and placement students to help strengthen the workforce, across a whole range of different roles and departments like Finance and HR through Manufacturing and Logistics.


Nissan are utilising our Values-Based Assessments, Video Interviews, and Event Schedulers to streamline their student and graduate recruitment process.

Any Device, Any Time

Your candidates can easily complete their interviews on a web enabled device at any time – perfect so squeeze in between those late night library visits

Streamline Your Screening Process

Easily sift and select graduates ready for the next stage interview, while still letting you see more candidates than previously possible

Promote Your Brand

With a fully integrated and seamless experience, company videos, and full candidate support, your employer brand has never looked better

Save Time and Money

Screen more candidates faster while also saving costs for your organisation and travel costs for your candidate – meaning you’re more likely to attract a wider pool of applicants

Get to Know Your Candidates Better

We can’t always tell whether a candidate is suitable from a CV, which creates problems in high volume recruitment. Vet candidates and view reactions to questions, creating a more rounded view

Never Waster Another Slot

When it comes to final interviews or assessment centres, you know you’ve got only the most suitable candidates in front of you, saving time spent during the later stages of the process

Why should I hire a graduate?

Graduates new to a job and the world of work generally will be keen to learn and progress. A clean slate, they are malleable to what you need to become part of the culture.

Recruiting graduates can inject new ideas, current thinking and energy, as well as increasing diversity in a team. Fresh with studies in their minds, they will be inquisitive and question how and why things work – always a good way to move with the times.

But with an overwhelming number of students graduating each year, selecting the right graduates for your business almost becomes trickier, not easier! With Shine, you can cut the number of assessment days required and reduce your early stage screening by 70%!

Hire innovation. Hire graduates. Let them Shine in your organisation!