Do you find yourself wading through endless CVs and attending hours of first stage interviews only to be left disappointed?

With the Shine platform, there’ll never be another wasted slot again!

Bringing CVs to life with video interviewing

We know how frustrating it can be when the persona on the CV is not the person that shows up to the interview, and when central HR teams are putting forward candidates that just don’t match your expectations.

Shine video interviewing eliminates all of this, putting you back in control of who you spend valuable time interviewing. Best of all, its super easy to use and requires no software installations.

There are characteristics of a great candidate that can’t always been seen on paper, so we’re at risk of declining top talent. With video interviewing, we can review even more candidates in a shorter time frame than we can with CVs, whilst finding the most suitable people for the role.

Shine gives you the benefits of the first few minutes of an interview in advance, and changes the face of recruitment completely:

  • No need to book time out for a panel of interviewers, simply share, rate, and collaborate with your team to shortlist your videos ready for face to face interviews

  • No need to schedule first stage interviews into your busy day, simple view and review at a time to suit you, and the same goes for your candidates

  • Replay responses as many times as you want, make it easy to compare candidates without relying on memory

  • Record a score and comment against each response, and Shine will average out your scores making it easy to see whether each candidate meets your criteria

  • Cloud hosted, accessed via the web, mobile compatible and available for candidates via free Apple and Android apps, making Shine a global solution

How We Help

We’ve got a range of tools to help recruiters and hiring managers improve their collaboration, including:

One-Way Video Interviewing


Live Video Interviewing


Interview and Event Scheduler


With hiring managers at the forefront of all your recruiting efforts, collaboration between hiring teams has never been easier!