Video Interviewing
for In-House Recruitment

From values based assessments, to video interviewing and event scheduling - we've got something to help you each step of the way.

Reduce time-to-hire

With the Shine platform, you can screen more candidates in less time. Not only that, it speeds up the decision making process, reducing your early stage screening by up to 70%.

Improve collaboration

Sharing, reviewing, and scoring functionality means you can improve collaboration in your hiring teams, without everyone having to be present at the same time!

Reduce costs

There are numerous cost savings associated with our screening tools, including reduce turnover costs, reduced interview costs, and costs saved from increased productivity.

Improve candidate experience

You can craft and personalise the screening process to match your employer brand, while providing your candidates the ultimate flexibility to shine early in the screening process.

How We Help

Shine is built with recruitment at the heart of it. From early stage screening, to organising the final round of interviews, we’re here to help every step of the way. Every stage of your recruitment process is bespoke to you – whether that’s bespoke assessments, a complete white labelled experience, or features you’d like us to add!

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Interview and

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Request a 30 minute demo today and get one step closer to having your recruitment process shining. You’ll be able to:

  • Complete a more comprehensive evaluation of each candidate than you would on a telephone interviews

  • Share your selections online with hiring managers and review on any device, any time!

  • Compare candidate responses rather than relying on memory

  • Use assessments that are completely bespoke to your team

  • Score and comment on each response

  • Shortlist candidates through a simple drag and drop process

  • Allow your candidates to self-schedule for interviews and assessment centres

  • Promote your employer brand through showing corporate videos and branding

  • Provide recruitment information for audits

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Buyer’s Guide to Video Interviewing Software


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We’ve got your screening process covered

We really do have you covered – from values based assessments, to video interviewing, and to interview and event scheduling, we’ve got something to help you each step of the way.

Your tech team will like it too! No complicated plugins, fully secure and all operating within the cloud, which means you can access it from anywhere too. We know recruitment is no longer a 9-5 process, and we know that many of you need to take work home or keep recruiting whilst travelling. Shine enables you to do all of this so that you can get the right person in the right role, within your schedule and budget.

“Using Shine has really helped to reduce the time we spend on reviewing CVs and candidate screening calls. Our Hiring Managers really benefit from hearing the candidates describe their experience and desire to work for Matalan first-hand and we’ve also found that attendance at assessment centres has increased, as candidates are more engaged and invested in the role once they’ve completed a video interview for us.”

Melissa Parlour, Senior Recruitment Advisor
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We’re adaptable to the smallest and largest of organisations, so it’s time to get your recruitment process Shining.