With so many other agencies going for the same vacancies and the same volume recruitment projects, how do you pip them to the post? How do you make your candidates Shine over others and what kind of added value are you offering?


Using the Shine Video Interviewing Platform will not only put you ahead of your competitors by providing added value to your clients, it’ll also save your agency time and money in the long run and shorten the recruitment cycle.


We all know that one way to annoy your clients is to send them a load of dud first round interviewees. Whilst the candidates may have seemed great to you, once they arrive at the clients’ office they fall at the first post! As recruiters, we’ve all been there, right?!

Shine takes that problem away, both you and your client can simply vet responses and then select the best candidates for face to face interviews – saving you all time, money and let’s face it, making you stand out from the competition!

And it’s all based in the cloud, so your tech team will love it too – no clunky downloads required! Oh and we know how much you all travel, so we’ve also made it available across all your devices!

  • It can automatically distribute link to registered candidates if a matching role becomes available
  • You can review and search candidate pool prior to forwarding for an open position
  • You get to work with your client to list essential or desirable skills – candidate is able to rate experience against each on registration
  • Ability to share shortlist of candidates with employer based on skills match
  • Candidate registers, records skills and experience plus short personal introduction
  • You get the ability to vet candidates and view reactions to questions – creating a more rounded view
  • Removes manual steps, particularly where domain specific knowledge is required such as in technical roles
  • Ability to produce feedback reports
  • Greater depth of understanding of your clients’ requirements and desired cultural fit.