Video Interviewing
for Recruitment Agencies

With so many other agencies going for the same vacancies and volume recruitment projects, video is becoming the newest competitive advantage to help your agency win more retained business and drive more revenue.

Win more retained business

Video interviewing shows your clients you’re investing in the best, and you’re committed to providing an innovative service for both your clients and candidates. It’s an offering that few can match!

Reduce time-to-fill

Video interviewing can help you reduce your time to fill as it drastically reduces time spent during the screening and decision making process. In some usage cases, there has been over 70% reduction!

Improve client engagement

When candidates complete a video interview, they become a lot more invested in the role. Then, when you submit video interview shortlists to your clients, the interactivity involved in the screening process increases.

Improve candidate experience

Providing the flexibility for candidates to truly showcase themselves, while completing the interview in their own time, from a location of their choice, goes a long way in improving the candidate experience.

How We Help

From improving engagement in your first point of contact, right up to screening and interviewing candidates, the Shine platform has something to help you every step of the way…

At Shine, we’re here to give you the tools you need to work better with your clients, create relationships built on trust, and offer a service that most of your competitors can’t match. Read more about the solutions we have on offer:

Video Introductions


One-way Video Interviewing


Live Video Interviewing


Interview Scheduling


Why Shine?

View our case studies to find out more:

“We have used Shine Interview for several years now and the whole team find it very easy to use. Video interviewing allows durhamlane to stand out from our competitors, and because we use Shine to recruit on behalf of our clients, we have received great feedback from candidates who have completed the process. Using the Shine platform results in a greater proportion of candidates being selected to interview and therefore our conversion rate is higher.”

Phil Mulvain, Director or Recruitment, durhamlane
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Put your agency ahead of competitors with Shine

Sometimes a candidate can look great on paper, but are not always what we expect when meeting face-to-face. That’s because it’s so hard to judge values and behaviours from a CV – something which can really knock your time-to-fill.

Shine takes that problem away, allowing you and your client to simply vet candidate videos and select the best candidates for face-to-face interviews. Saving you time, money, and let’s face it – making you stand out from the competition.

It’s based in the cloud, so you’re tech team will love it too – no downloads required. And we know how much you all travel, so we’ve made it available across all of your devices.

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Video Interviewing for Recruitment Agencies


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The best part is, you can take your business anywhere in the world. Connect with candidates and clients from anywhere and still place above the competition.