Retail recruitment is the kind of recruitment campaign where for just a few jobs, you could get hundreds of applicants at once

Shine helps ensure you hire a target smashing team

Matalan is a fashion and homeware retailer with 217 stores across the United Kingdom.

Matalan love the fact that they are different, with an honesty and energy that allows their people to shine.

“Using Shine has really helped to reduce the time we spend on reviewing CVs and candidate screening calls. Our Hiring Managers really benefit from hearing the candidates describe their experience and desire to work for Matalan first-hand and we’ve also found that attendance at assessment centres has increased, as candidates are more engaged and invested in the role once they’ve completed a video interview for us.”

Melissa Parlour, Senior Recruitment Advisor, Matalan


Bring CVs to Life

Go beyond the CV and see the personality that will greet your customers in store

Reduce Time to Hire

Reduce time spent sifting CVs and conducting early stage telephone interviews

No Location Restrictions

Share candidates with hiring managers in different locations – you’re not limited when recruiting nationally

See More Candidates

Using video interviewing allows you to assess even more candidates than ever before, in a more effective way

Personality matters

We’ve all been in a shop where we remembered an assistant that was particularly cheery, knowledgeable, or helpful, right? We remember them because they become part of our shopping experience. We’re more likely to buy from that person.

We’ve also stomped out of stores when we didn’t like the attitude of a sales assistant or we’re fed up of waiting for someone to serve us. Getting that first impression right is never more important than when in a retail environment.

The great thing about video interviewing is that you can set specific sales scenario questions. You can ask them to pitch, to role play and to even show how you’d greet someone in your store.

Video interviewing means your day job is no longer consumed with sifting and sorting CVs, and you’ll have your new sales ready team good to go in no time.