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Who is Shine for?

Hiring Managers

No juggling diaries for teams to shortlist candidates, simply share interview videos with colleagues for them to view in their own time…

Recruitment Agencies

Stand out from the competition by sending short snappy video interviews to your clients to make your candidates Shine over others…


Shine for your new role through the power of video. Use your phone, tablet or laptop in the comfort of your own home…

Latest Recruitment Insights

Keeping Candidates Engaged After Extending an Offer

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There can be no greater feeling of accomplishment in your role as a recruiter, than finding the perfect candidate for a role and receiving their acceptance to your offer. But…

improving client engagement with video interview software

Using Video to Improve Client Engagement

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Recruitment can be like a roller-coaster in an agency environment. The recruitment agency market, in the UK alone, reached record highs in 2018 and has continued to grow since those…

transparency in the hiring process

Improving Transparency in the Hiring Process

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A 2018 Glassdoor survey found that the biggest grievance amongst job seekers is lack of information about key details of a role, like compensation and benefits. A lack of transparency…