Values Based Recruitment

Finding the right cultural fit is essential in building a great team. With our values based recruiting software, you can ensure you find the perfect candidate to fit into your team dynamic.

We’re most happy when we achieve according to our values.

Employees are happier and more productive when working in an organisation that shares their personal needs, values, and motivations – and they’re much less likely to resign.

Our bespoke assessments are developed using a highly significant area of study from positive psychology to ensure that we can help you achieve true culture fit in your organisation.

Hiring for Values Fit E-Book:


How it works

Individuals hold 36 core values which when aligned (either positively or negatively) between a candidate and a team or organisation will act as an objective method of identifying cultural fit. This covers everything from attention to detail, attitude to risk, working with teams and other motivators.


Benchmark existing team

Identify organisational teams, and everyone completes a 15 minute values exercise to create a benchmark report


Candidates complete exercise

Candidates complete the same 15 minute exercise to generate a unique profile and score


Analyse values fit

Select candidates who are the perfect fit for your company

Reduce employee turnover

Current employee turnover is between 16-18% annually. As much of 80% of turnover this is due to bad hiring decisions.

Faster hiring, better candidates

Select only the right candidates to take forward to the next stage - the ones with true cultural fit.

Improve morale and engagement

95% of hiring managers believe poor hiring decisions impact the morale of the team - this is amplified when the bad hire is at a senior level.

Facilitate culture transformation

Benchmarking your existing team allows us to create a detailed culture profile of your organisation.

Ensuring the right fit for your organisation

As part of a consultative exercise with a behavioural psychologist, we can help to identify challenges within your company – for example performance or staff turnover, and pinpoint process and organisational changes to make best use of your current teams.

Our whitepaper, “Hiring For Values Fit”, is everything you need to know about values based recruitment, its validity, and the Shine platform!

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Hiring for Values Fit Whitepaper


Values based recruitment puts you on track to hiring people who are intrinsically motivated to help your company reach its goals – which makes for the perfect team.