Video Interviewing vs Zoom


With today’s technological advancements it is no longer necessary to schedule your face to face interviews based on a candidate’s CV alone. More and more businesses are adding in an additional round of screening, such as video interview to help narrow the talent pool and improve the quality of candidate reaching the next stage.

More than 6 out of 10 businesses in the US have integrated video interview into their recruitment process, and whilst the UK is currently some way behind on this trend, it is quickly catching up.

But what is video interview and why can’t you just use video conferencing, such as Zoom?

The use of Zoom in the selection process will certainly help to fine tune your shortlist of candidates and ensure that those invited for face to face interview have great potential to be your next employee.

However, using an online 2-way process, such as Zoom, for interview comes with its own set of challenges. Non-scheduled video interview overcomes each and every one, making the process of video screening much more productive.

Helping Recruiters Reduce Time and Cost to Hire Through Video Technology

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Shine Interview offers the next generation of video interview software. Built with future proof technology and accessed via the web or app, there is no need for any clunky installations.

You can have the benefit of that initial first impression ahead of a face to face interview, without the need for blocking out your diary or asking your candidates to take time off from work.

Shine has been built for usability – from its global accessibility and easy collaboration to the free app, which takes your candidates step by step through the process, we’re confident you and all your prospective candidates will find it easy to use.

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