9 Tips to nail a video interview

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9 Tips to nail a video interview

If you’re about to take an online video interview yourself, and wondering what to expect, or a recruiter who wants to provide the best tips and preparation material for your candidates, these 9 top tips are a must read.


Do your research into the company and role in the same way that you would for a face to face conversation. You’ll want to demonstrate both your knowledge and passion for the role.

Presentation is key

Make sure that you, and the environment that you are recording in look interview-ready… remember that you are recording an interview that will be viewed by prospective employers, so you should dress as you would for a face-to-face interview with that employer; and make sure that the backdrop to your recording is tidy and appropriate too!

Make sure there are no distractions

Ensure that there are no external noises (TV/radio/flatmates/mum/dog) and that you are not going to be interrupted whilst recording your answers.



Choose your device

You can complete your video interview on a computer with a webcam (using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers), or on a tablet or mobile phone (if you decide to use a tablet or phone, make sure you’ve downloaded the Shine Interview app for iOS or Android).

Prepare your device

Make sure your device is well charged or plugged in while you conduct your interview to avoid any unexpected battery outages or shut downs. Disable any screen savers or autolocks, and disable any notifications that may interrupt the recording of your interview.

Choose a suitable location

Try to find a quiet room with decent lighting so your face is clearly visible. We also recommend closing the blinds if you’re planning on sitting in front of a window during the daytime.

Read all instructions

Make sure that you carefully read any instructions contained within your invite email, or on screen during the video interview process to avoid any unnecessary surprises when it comes to beginning your video interview.

Make use of the practice question

The practice question does not get submitted so use it to…

  • Check that you’ve got things set up correctly; play back your answer and check that you can see and hear yourself clearly and adjust your device’s settings if you can’t.
  • Get used to using the site/app; get in a comfortable position (try to keep your device steady, at eye level), and get used to looking into the camera rather than at yourself on the screen; note the countdown timer.

Make it natural

Relax! Interviews can be stressful but remember body language will still come across to the interviewer on video, so smile, sit up straight, don’t fidget or make lots of hand gestures. Whilst it might be ok to make some notes on key points, don’t read from a script as it will come across as forced and over-rehearsed.

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