Getting buy-in from your Hiring Managers

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Getting buy-in from your Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers are at the heart of all of your recruitment drives, but are you still having trouble getting final sign off on candidates from them? Candidates that you have spent a great deal of time sourcing, talking to, debriefing etc and then you hit a brick wall… and that brick wall is your Hiring Manager.

This blog looks at the ways this can be overcome, and how it is better to get buy in right at the start, before you begin the process.

Working with your Hiring Managers

Having Hiring Managers input and buy in to a recruitment process from the off is vital. For many Hiring Managers, recruitment is just another task on their infinitely long to-do list, and some don’t feel its part of their role’s core responsibilities. So, to help along the way, below I have listed ways in which you can work together to overcome this.


Define the process

This ‘exactly what is going to happen and when’ approaches work well for Hiring Managers. They need to trust that you are going to find them the best candidates based on the brief they have provided, hopefully this is something that you have both been able to sit down together and discuss in detail before the recruitment process started.

In the Shine Interview platform, there is a ‘Hiring Manager’ role which can be assigned to your Hiring Managers. This allows them to log into the account, and search for candidates. They can then watch the candidates online interview, provide scoring and leave notes if applicable. This ensures that Hiring Managers are included in your process and that they have a say.


We hope these tips will help with your recruitment drives, if you would like to talk to us please get in touch at  +44 (0)191 5007875.

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