My first video interview

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My first video interview

I had never heard about video interviewing until I was introduced to Shine Interview, and the first thing I did was research the company to make sure that I had what it took to do my best in the job if I ever got it. I was surprised to see what video interviewing actually was because I knew what to do but never how companies used it to find their candidates.

I applied for the position as a Digital marketing consultant and a few days later I got a call from the company saying they wanted me to conduct an interview using the app. The first thing I did was go onto the app store and download the app, and later on I received an email with an access code to start my very first video interview. When I put my code into the app it started by showing a video of the company, and then into the interview itself. I still had the same nerves as you get when you go to any interview with someone, but at least I was able to try a practice question first. When I finished my interview on the app it was uploaded, and the next day they rang me to schedule in a face to face interview with the CEO of Shine and see what he thought of me in person.


The following day I went to the office and had my face to face interview with the CEO and was offered the job the same day. My experience with the video interviewing app was great. It is a good way to get past the nerves of a normal interview and have an even better interview if you have confidence issues speaking face to face, or have problems with transportation. I would recommend people to use it and I have it all to thank because it got me into the job and I am loving the experience so far.

My first week in the work place has gone better than I expected. I thought that It would take time to settle in, but here at Shine they have made me feel like I am at home and after only 6 days into the job I feel like I have been a part of this company since the beginning.

As with every job, set out with expectation of achievement and be hungry to succeed, and I promise you that if you go into it with that mind set you will achieve big things.

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