Video interview dos and don’ts for candidates

Video interview dos and don’ts for candidates

Got your first ever video interview coming up? Never applied for a job this way and feeling nervous about your recording?

Have no fear – we know what employers are looking for in a top quality video interview, and we know plenty of tips and tricks to help you make the cut.

If you’re using video interview software like Shine, you have so much more control over how well your interview goes than if you were meeting someone face to face. This means more benefits for you, and a bigger opportunity to show why you’re right for your dream role.

Here’s our key dos and don’ts for pulling off your video interview:

DO think about body language

Just as it would be in a face-to-face situation, conveying the right body language is key for nailing your video interview etiquette.

It’s all about getting the obvious stuff right – sit up straight in your chair, keep your arms open and relaxed rather than crossed and defensive, and make you maintain ‘eye contact’ by looking straight down the camera as much as possible.

And, most importantly? Smile! It might be harder to build a rapport with your interviewer because you’re not directly in front of them, but use positive facial expressions and body language to show whoever watches your video that you’re confident and enthusiastic about the role.



DON’T rush!

Because you’re filming your answers rather than engaging in a two-way conversation, it’s easy to end up rushing through your sentences, talking at the speed of light – try to avoid this. Speak calmly, slowly and clearly – it’s more important than ever in a video interview that you project what you’re saying properly.

All that being said, try not to talk too slowly either! Basically – don’t overthink it.

DO think about what the employer is looking for

True for any kind of interview, you need to do your research into the company you’re applying to work for, understand their culture and what they want from their employees, and also what they would want from the person doing your role specifically.

Whether it’s reams of creativity they need, or something with an eye for detail, video interviewing gives you the chance to really think about how best to win the recruiters over and to reflect that in the answers you give, because you’ll feel less ‘on the spot’ than you would in a face-to-face meeting.

DO practice beforehand

The biggest benefit of video interviewing software (like ours) for candidates is that you have the chance to redo your recording as many times as you need within the deadline to get it right – take advantage of this.

We highly recommend that you rehearse and record your interview a few times before submitting, so that you can watch it back and ensure everything is perfect.

Is the lighting right? Can you hear your answers clearly? Is the room you’re sitting in clean and tidy? Are you dressed appropriately? Is the quality of the video okay? Make of the most of the opportunity that video interviewing gives you to put these things right if needed.

DON’T just read from a script

If you’re able to see the interview questions in advance of recording your submission, it could be tempting to write out the perfect answer, then simply read it aloud in your video – but this won’t work.

Although you’re not in a real life conversation with your interviewer, you need to act like you are. Of course, prepare some key points for your answers beforehand, but learn to talk about them in a way that doesn’t require you to simply read from a script. Interviewers will be able to tell, and it won’t leave a positive impression.

There’s lots of ways that, as a candidate, having a video interview can work to your advantage. Make the most of them, and you might just get the role you’ve always dreamed of!

For more video interview tips and tricks, get in touch with our candidates help portal by emailing today.

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