Video interviewing boosts employer branding

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Video interviewing boosts employer branding

HR and Recruitment Managers have so many balls to keep in the air nowadays, not only do you have to ensure that you hire the right people at the right time, you’ve also got your Employer Brand to consider and promote.

More and more evidence is out there now as to the importance of having the best employer brand to attract and retain the best people to your company.

What is video interviewing?

Put simply, video interviewing is the videoing of candidates answering a set of questions – the candidates send in their answers (that they record on their phones, tablets or PCs) to the hiring manager. The video application means that hiring managers can easily sort, sift and decide which candidates they take through to the next stage in the process.

So how can video interviewing help your employer brand and what techniques are large corporates adopting to harness the power of video in their own recruitment campaigns?

Many firms are starting to include their own employer branding videos within the video interviewing experience too.  When the candidate is sent their set of questions, they also get the chance to see and learn more about the organisation they’re considering joining.




It’s a fantastic way to include things such as:-

  • A welcome message from your CEO
  • A typical day in the life – showing footage around the office, factory or your retail environment (how fantastic would that make the candidate experience prior to joining!)
  • Some mini vox pops/interviews with other staff members or people doing the existing role, saying what happens in a typical day
  • Footage from a corporate fun, team building day
  • Or a generic corporate video that you might already have on your website


You don’t have to spend thousands on the videos either – they should be used as a way to engage and inspire people to work with you.  In fact, the more natural they are, the better.

So what’s the link between video and employer branding?

The more social proof and evidence of showcasing what a great place your organisation is to work in, the more likely you are to get potential employees engaging with you and ultimately staying with you.

It's great for retention levels!

With around 75% of people spending a heavy amount of time researching organisations online ready for interview, using video will undoubtedly help them understand more about your company. As a result of you helping with their research, they’ll come across better in an interview.

Video interviewing helps save time and money and puts your brand at the heart of your recruitment drive meaning greater recruitment success.

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