A day of work experience

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A day of work experience


Today was my first job experience at Shine interview and it will be the most memorable. I have learnt so many things from each job position in this wonderful, hardworking team. From sales to accounting and it has all been beneficial to knowing what may be best for me when I get my first job.


I first started my day by being welcomed by everyone on the team and I started to settle in straight away. Katy, who works in sales, had a demo on the morning and I was able to listen in and take notes on the things she did which would be helpful in the future. I was also able to talk to Charlotte who took me through the process of getting a client fully on board.

 Next, I chatted to Danielle, who works in marketing, and she told me all the different ways that help get Shine noticed. This was interesting because I got to know what grabbed the attention of other companies. After that, I went on to learning about accounting with David, where I was told the importance of keeping track of where money is going in a company. For example, whether it is coming out to pay for printing or if it is going in from landing a huge deal.

Finally, I talked to Laura who helps to keep clients happy whilst they use the video interview software. She is the one making sure the company is comfortable with how the platform works and that it is doing what the company wants to achieve.

It started to come to the end of the day and I knew this experience would stay with me. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a perspective on what it is like to work in an environment like this.



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